The URJC denounces a massive erasure of emails from the institute where they studied their Master Cifuentes, Married and Heap

The deletion of more than 5,400 mails between 2008 and 2014 was detected.

The Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) has denounced a massive erasure of emails from the Institute of Public Law (IDP), which was headed by Professor Álvarez Conde and is being investigated by the courts for the irregularities detected in some master’s degrees.

As sources from the university have confirmed to Efe, “in the framework of the investigation of the accounts of the Institute it was found that there had been an erasure of information and a complaint was filed with the police.”

Then all this led to “the complaint for embezzlement of IDP accounts that is now investigating justice and denounced the university,” they point out from the university center in relation to the on Friday El País.

More than 5,000 deleted emails
According to this newspaper, Professor Pablo Acosta, appointed by the rector last April to temporarily manage the IDP after the precautionary suspension of Álvarez Conde, was that who detected that 5,400 emails received or sent between 2008 and 2014 had been eliminated. “, period that includes the master’s degrees studied by Cristina Cifuentes, Pablo Casado and Carmen Montón.

In the investigation of the accounts of the IDP, the university denounced Álvarez Conde for embezzlement, a complaint that fell to the Court number 34 of Madrid, which finally was inhibited and moved to number 51 that investigates the case of irregularities in the master’s .

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