THE UNION / María José Carrasco stands with the Mining Lamp

El Bordón falls to El Bola, while El Filón is awarded to pianist Andrés Barrios, and El Desplante is to Hugo López in the male category and Mónica Iglesias in female

María José Ruíz Morales, artistically known as María José Carrasco, rose up at dawn this Sunday with the Mining Lamp of the LVIII edition of the International Festival of Cante de las Minas. The maximum prize of the most important flamenco contest in the world is endowed with 15,000 euros. The jury awarded the highest score to this applicant from Los Palacios y Villafranca de Sevilla for her complete recital, where the mining company masterfully executed.

María José Carrasco went through La Unión in 2004, 2005 and 2006 as a finalist, although it was not until 2018 that she achieved the glory of the Lámpara Minera.

The Sevillian confessed that she was “in a cloud. I remember so many people who have helped me ». The cantaora became popular for a rosemary headdress with which she performed both nights: “Notice that this time has been the only time I’ve forgotten, but it has been borrowed from me by a neighbor here and see what luck” he pointed.

La Lámpara Minera 2018 assured that it has felt a magic and a special connection with the public of La Unión since the night of the semifinal and recognizes the importance of this award.

Desplante for Hugo López and Mónica Iglesias
In the dance category, Hugo López won the Male Desplante Trophy, endowed with 9,000 euros, after a brilliant performance of a taranto and a seguiriya on the boards of the Catedral del Cante. The bailaor cordobés said “be floating, full of joy. In addition, this prize is a bit of all of them, of all my colleagues ».

The best bailaora with the Desplante feminine prize (€ 9,000) of this 58th edition of the Festival was Monica Iglesias, from Madrid, thus becoming the first winner in the female category. For the artist, this prize is “a great emotion and the fruit of many efforts and sacrifices”.

For his part, the Seville pianist Andrés Barrios was the winner of this edition within the category of flamenco instrumentalist obtaining the Filón prize, endowed with 6,000 euros. Barrios was the first artist to open this grand finale. The Sevillian considers the piano “a very broad and versatile instrument to be able to express the depths of flamenco”.

Finally, the jury considered that Andrés Carbonell ‘El Bola’ was worthy of the Bordón award, which is awarded each year to the best guitarist. The award is endowed with € 6,000. For the player from Barcelona, ​​«this award should put the flamenco guitar in the rightful place in music and flamenco».

Seconds classified and other prizes
In the category of flamenco instrumentalist he won the second prize (€ 3,000) the pianist Juan Antonio Sanchez de la Torre, while the second classified in male dance, Adrián Santana, won € 4,500 prize. The second prize of flamenco guitar went to Luis Medina (€ 3,000).

Manuel Cuevas won the prize of cartageneras (€ 3,000) while Francisco Escudero ‘El Perrete’ won the awards of tarantas (€ 3,000); and within the category of Murcia and other mining cantes, for his interpretation of Murcia and Levanticas (€ 3,000), was Evaristo Cuevas.

In the malagueñas category, José García ‘El Petro’ was the winner with a prize of € 3,000. In the category of cantes under Andalusian, Loreto Arnáiz ‘Loreto de Diego’, for the interpretation of a siguiriya, with 3,000 €. Álvaro Rodríguez took the prize of the cantes bajo andaluces within the group of soleás with another € 3,000.

Francisco Escudero ‘El Perrete’ also repeated for some fandangos from Extremadura with another prize of € 3,000

And finally, within the category of cantes, Araceli Campillos and María del Carmen González with € 3,000 as a special prize for young singers.

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