The rupture of a pipeline forced to close four operating rooms of the children’s area of La Paz

The rupture of a pipeline has forced the temporary closure of four operating rooms of the six with which the children’s section of the Hospital de la Paz counts, and interventions are being derived to other operating rooms to minimize the repercussion of this incidence. As reported by the hospital in a statement, the rupture of a pipe in the access corridor to this area of ​​pediatric operating rooms has affected the roof of these units and hospital maintenance staff is already working on repair (both the roof and own pipe), which will be completed next week. Preventively, the Hospital de la Paz has decided to close the operating rooms 1,2, 3 and 4 of this area and the Preventive Medicine Service will take the standard measures of microbiological control before the reopening of the operating rooms expected at the beginning of the week of October 22. The rest of the Children’s Hospital of La Paz, including the Urgencies, continues to operate with “total normality”. On the other hand, the center emphasizes that this area of ​​the Hospital is included in the third phase of the comprehensive reform of the center, whose design is currently being worked on.
SATSE Madrid
Tomorrow they will say that it is the rupture of a pipe, but NO … They are the # cuts that already disable several operating rooms of La Paz Hospital cc @angelgarridog @eruizescudero @psoe_m @ppmadrid @podemosmad @Cs_Madrid @IU_Madrid # Nursing #SanidadPublica #Sanidad

17:03 – Oct 10 2018
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For its part, the nursing union SATSE attributed this new breakdown due to rupture of the pipeline to the “evidence of the lack of maintenance” because, in its opinion, “cut to the maximum” the amounts destined for this in the public centers of the region. During the last years. SATSE states that the incidence also affected the emergency department in this area and that the “great professionalism of the workers” has managed to “minimize” the damage caused by the fall of water. In this sense, it is necessary to have “sufficient” maintenance budgets in health care centers, both hospitals and Primary Care, to avoid this type of breaks “that are becoming more common than they should be”.

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