The regional government invests more than 300,000 euros in Archena

Source: CARM
The counselor of the Presidency, Pedro Rivera, and the mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernandez, visited today the works that are being carried out in the municipality in charge of the Plan of Works and Services of the Autonomous Community, and more specifically those that are developed in Calle Francisco Caravaca, consisting of the renovation of the paving.

These works are added to four other projects in the municipality with a total investment of more than 312,000 euros, consisting of paving the courtyard of the school Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta and around Antonio Street; the urban adaptation of Severo Ochoa Street; the paving of Olmo Street and Barrio del Hurtado; and the renovation of the artificial turf of the municipal soccer field, already inaugurated.

Rivera stressed that “in this way, the 41 municipalities under 50,000 inhabitants, with the help of the regional government, can reform streets and sidewalks, provide new asphalt to its main roads, have new lighting … thus achieving, through cooperation effective between administrations, an appreciable improvement of the quality of life of the neighbors “.

The total amount of the plan is about 15.5 million for a total of 91 actions, and its objective is to articulate the collaboration of the regional government with municipalities for the comprehensive and adequate provision of local competition services and reduce the deficit in the infrastructures and basic equipments of the smallest municipalities of the Region.