The Plenary Session of Caravaca City Council agrees to join the national association ‘Cities for Fraternity’

In the plenary session, motions were approved to request the creation of embroidery training specialties and to implement a regulation for the use of municipal media.

The Plenary took cognizance of the resignation of Esther Poveda Marín to his act of councilor of the Municipal Socialist Group

The last ordinary plenary session of the Municipal Corporation began with the approval of the joint motion of the Socialist Party, Popular Party and Citizens groups for the adhesion of the City of Caravaca de la Cruz to the Association ‘Cities for fraternity’, on proposal from a group of local residents belonging to the ‘Political Movement for Unity’.

The constituent assembly of said association will take place this Saturday, September 29, at 11.00, at the Casa de la Cultura of Torrelodones (Madrid). The aforementioned association, to which consistories, entities and individuals are being added individually, aims to carry out an experience of commitment in the dialogue, open to citizens, politicians and institutions, as a network in which good practices are shared and the vital enthusiasm for fraternity. The point went ahead with the vote against Izquierda Unida and the favorable vote of the rest of the political group.

On the other hand, in the plenary session the motion of the Municipal Citizens Group was approved unanimously to create a regulation of the uses of the municipal media, which allows to regulate their operation and the content thereof in a plural and Independent.

Also received the support of all political parties the motion presented by the Municipal Group of Popular to promote training specialties of embroidery, trade with a long tradition in Caravaca de la Cruz, closely linked to the celebration of the Caballos del Vino. In the points of agreement, figure to urge the regional and state administrations to implement certificates of professionalism in this matter and, in particular, request the Regional Employment and Training Service (SEF) to create this qualification.

The Plenary also approved the point regarding the disaffection of the municipal road of the ‘Corral de en medio’, near the hamlet of Caneja, east of the spot of ‘La Serrata’. This reversal has been made at the request of the local company ‘Recycled Materials and Machinery Joma SL’, which requested a variation in the layout of this road, something has been considered of public interest to promote business development, suppose an increase in surface of municipal road and an improvement of road safety when consolidating the new layout after the swap.

During the session, the quarterly report on delinquency of the Caravaca de la Cruz City Council, corresponding to the second quarter of 2018, was also reported. At this point it was noted that the average payment period has increased by 30 days, compared to previous periods, due to the variation introduced by the new calculation formula, pursuant to the provisions of Royal Decree 1040/2017, of December 22. In this second quarter, the Average Payment Period (PMP) of the City of Caravaca de la Cruz is 130.22 days, with a ratio of 125.50 days paid operations and 132.76 days outstanding operations. .

In the point of urgent matters, the Plenary took knowledge of the resignation of the mayor of the Municipal Socialist Group Esther Poveda Marín to his act of councilor. Poveda, who during this mandate has been responsible for the councils of Education and Youth, will be relieved in the government team by Ana Luisa Marcos Campano, as announced by the mayor during the session.