The Ope de Archena will compete with more than eighty registered students

Source: The Truth

«Very excited and eager to start working as journalists». This is how the more than eighty students of El Ope School are distributed in the fifteen groups registered in ‘My Digital Newspaper’, the school competition organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and ‘La Verdad’, which this year celebrates its tenth edition. The event has become an essential appointment in the calendar of the Archena concert center, where they know very well what it feels like to stroke the first prize of the competition.

And it is that three years ago, a school team won the award for the second best digital edition. On the tenth anniversary of the test, a sixth group of Primary (‘La Gaceta del Ope’); four of the first of ESO (‘La Cruz del Ope’, ‘Ope School’, ‘Journalists without borders’ and ‘Traveler reporters’); three of second of the ESO (‘Radio Patio’, ‘The Team A’ and ‘Ope ’); two of third of the ESO (‘Ope Tyme’ and ‘StraOPErlos’); another two of the ESO quarter (‘El Valle del Ope’ and ‘Fiction Today’) and three of the first year of Bachillerato (‘The New (s) Five’, ‘Operato’ and ‘ Ope’) will be in charge of representing to the school in ‘My Digital Newspaper’ and to fight for the first prize of the contest under the coordination of its tutors, Consuelo Gómez and Mari Carmen Marín.