The Murciana Seeds Network will distribute seeds of local varieties to the schools of the Region of Murcia during the month of February

Source: Red Murciana de Semillas

The Murciana Seeds Network will distribute, for the sixth consecutive year, local seeds to all those schools in the Region of Murcia that have a school garden in operation.

The Murciana de Semillas Network is an association that works for the recovery and conservation of traditional agriculture and local varieties of horticultural plants of the Spanish southeast, and the seeds that are preserved are collected and maintained by partners and volunteers.

All interested centers will be distributed an assortment of seeds composed of 10 different varieties of horticultural crops that cover the whole year’s cultivation cycles. The centers commit, through the signing of an agreement, to cultivate these varieties with organic farming methods and to complete the cycle of at least one of the varieties. Being open pollinated seeds, it is guaranteed that schools will have seeds next year to reseed or exchange with their neighbors.

During all these years of distribution, local seeds have reached some 80 centers located throughout the province of Murcia, and this year we hope to reach some more.

The call to request the assortment of seeds will be open until Friday, February 22. To register just enter the web: and fill out a form.

Murcian Seed Network

The Murciana de Semillas Network is a non-profit association, established in 2015 and dedicated to preventing the loss of agricultural biodiversity by recovering local traditional varieties and knowledge within the framework of sustainable agriculture. The Murciana Seeds Network collaborates with any person, group or institution interested in the cultivation and exchange of local horticultural varieties.

The network is mainly dedicated to collecting, conserving and exchanging traditional varieties from the Iberian Southeast, although it also conserves and exchanges traditional varieties from other areas, collaborating with similar work groups inside and outside of Spain.

All the activities of the Murciana Seed Network, as well as the management of the association itself, are carried out by voluntary partners, mainly professional and amateur farmers.