The Molina de Segura City Council attends a conference of the Spanish Coordinator of Business Polygons

Source: City of Molina de Segura
The meeting took place last week at the Ministry of Industry
The Councilor for Economy and Finance, Urban Planning and Economic Development, José de Haro González, the Councilor for Public Roads and Education, Fuensanta Jiménez Martínez, and the head of the Business Office, Santiago Pastor Palazón, attended the meeting on Wednesday, February 27 Annual Meeting of the CEPE, Spanish Coordinator of Industrial Estates. The appointment is due to the 20th anniversary of the institution, with the day entitled «THE TRANSFORMATION OF INDUSTRIAL POLITICALS IN SPAIN».

The forum dealt with important issues such as the competitiveness of the polygons, their relations with the administration, their legal framework, their quality and challenges, their future, and the contrasted experiences that affect all the Spanish industrial estates. In Spain there are a total of 5,000 industrial estates consolidated by its 8,100 municipalities, of which Molina de Segura houses 0.16% of them, with a total of 5 million square meters of occupation, where 3,356 companies are housed.

The reason for the visit was to learn about the experiences lived in other municipalities, gather information for the improvement and development of Molina’s business estates, get in touch with interlocutors dedicated to this need by establishing a communication channel, promote business associationism in the term , and another series of actions aimed at the business development of Molina de Segura, which is already one of the most flourishing industrial and economic centers in southeastern Spain.

Another goal that is achieved by the City of Molina de Segura, is the achievement of the specific quality mark for the certification of business polygons «POLÍGONO EMPRESARIAL DE CALIDAD», for Molina de Segura, beginning to assess it for the industrial area most advanced at present, the Polygon of «The Star». This is a qualitative seal when it comes to the implementation of companies, the provision of investments and the continuous monitoring of the quality of the area, which today have only achieved 10 polygons of the 5,000 existing.

The meeting shared rewarding experiences in management and industrial investment, carried out both by conservation entities, as administrations or business associations. The obsolescence of industrial goods, the renewal of polygonal infrastructures, mobility, signaling, communications, basic supplies, training, environmental respect, sustainable territorial management, or the generation of value to the community, were other of the issues debated and discussed at the meeting.

The Councilor for Economic Development, José de Haro, affirms that: «the City Council is working hard to generate employment and wealth in the area, with the goal of uplifting Molina de Segura in the place that, simply, deserves , in the first positions of the country in terms of entrepreneurship and industrial development and services. » The Consistory is firmly determined to base a large part of its policies on the promotion of economic, industrial and commercial activity, to once again place the municipality in a national benchmark.

José de Haro adds that: «We must make the regional and national administration put the focus on Molina de Segura, a municipality that generates, neither more nor less than 1 in 357 euros of the Gross Domestic Product of Spain.»

In another vein, the City Council has approved the expansion in the frequency of urban solid waste collection in the industrial estates of Molina de Segura, through the service concessionaire, Sercomosa, reinforcing another day shift in these economic zones. From now on, organic waste collection (green) will be carried out every day from Monday to Friday, and selective collection of packaging (yellow) on Wednesdays, which closes another of the aspirations of entrepreneurship regarding the attention of the business estates: the expansion of municipal services.