The Marquis who has signed the president’s wife

The man who has signed the first socialist lady was born in an imposing palace of Avila, with baroque coffered ceiling, and located on a 15,000 square meter land populated by beautiful cypresses. Because he is the X Marquis of La Romana. A Grande de España and its property even has a labyrinthine library with spiral staircases in the purest style of ‘The name of the rose’. With basements and secret passages. Like his movements in recent months to achieve the acquisition of the one that Diego del Alcázar and Silvela has boasted most this week. And that is not a new hunting farm or a work of art to add to its important art gallery, but a woman with blond hair: Begoña Gómez. An expert in fundraising, but also wife of the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.Begoña was the most dreamed signing by several universities and private business schools. Some, like ESADE, tried to incorporate them, according to sector sources, through former minister Javier Solana, president of the Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics of the aforementioned institution. The cache of the Madrid was shot from the motion of censure that seized Sanchez to La Moncloa. It became a recruitment coveted by the leaders of Education. Because they knew that counting among their directors with the wife of an entire president the government opens many doors. Inside and outside of the country. And, above all, in a higher education market that moves billions of euros a year (only the Instituto de Empresa invoices around 100 million a year), increasingly competitive and where political contacts are key. On Wednesday, IE University made official that Gómez will be the director of its Africa Center that will begin its activities in September. They did not specify their emoluments, although sources of the sector explain that a manager of such characteristics should be at an annual salary of between 80,000 and 100,000 euros. Salary that some of her former career colleagues who studied with her at the School of Marketing and Business M & B where Gómez graduated in 1995 would have wanted. The woman, who combined her studies with a job as a waitress in the Gavana de Pozuelo bar de Alarcón, on the other hand, ensures in his profile of, a professional network of contacts, that studied the career in ESIC between 1989 and 1994. Something impossible because Gómez did not study there and was born in 1975, so he would have started his career with 14 years. “ESIC is a lie because she studied with me at M & B, which was a center linked to Opus. She was a girl who aimed very high, list and attractive, “says a former classmate Crónica. The only thing that Gómez did in ESIC, with more prestige, was an MBA in Business Management and Marketing. Del Alcázar is silent since his incorporation was known. He only boasts of his “strategic signing” in private, as they have described it in the sector. “There were several schools interested in hiring it but in the end Diego has taken the cat to the water. It is a masterful move », says the head of one of the most prestigious higher education centers in the country. Although the EI circumscribes the first contacts with Gomez in December, sources in the sector say that the secret operation to sign Begoña began two months ago, as soon as Sanchez arrived at La Moncloa, in a room at the Wellington hotel in Madrid. It was a private lunch between Diego del Alcázar and Josep Borrell in mid-June. Days after that meeting, the Government of Pedro Sánchez, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, signed the extension of the collaboration agreement between the public entity Casa Árabe and the IE Foundation, on which the Africa Center will depend, and that of its revenue only 5% corresponds to public subsidies. The decision to place Gómez in the Africa Center is not trivial. The African continent, with the highest youth rate in the world, is a strategic market highly coveted by private education centers, since it has the highest expectations for development in higher education but the most difficult, due to political instability and corruption. “IE now depends on other African universities to give degrees there. But the business is not depending on any to take 100% and not give a 40% to the university that welcomes you. And for this it is key to have a good connection with the Ministry of Education of our country so that they give officiality to the titles in Spain and also with that of the African countries. Do you think that some minister of Education will not make things easier for the Spanish president’s wife? And another important issue is the issue of visas. We bring many problems when we bring students from Africa. Now, if IE has a good relationship with Foreign Affairs, they may have facilities and that is a big business, “explains the head of a higher education institution. The negotiation to incorporate Begoña, up to to date consulting director of the Inmark group, it has not been easy. Each fringe has been reviewed. “They have spent several weeks studying the formula to minimize attacks,” says a connoisseur of the operation who says that the IE agreed to the planning to formalize the signing with La Moncloa. It is not trivial that August was chosen to make public the hiring nor that last July 15 Diego del Alcázar ceased to be a member of Técnicas Reunidas. That day it was learned that the owner of IE University abandoned the engineering and infrastructure company that forms part of the Ibex 35 for “personal objectives incompatible with his position in society”. And in the sector it is clear why he resigned. “What is said is that the company, when Diego learned that he was going to sign Begoña, asked him to leave his post to prevent the media from saying that the public contracts they could receive were for having a the wife of the president “, says one of the strong men of the Education sector and a great expert on the career of Del Alcázar, born in the Palacio de Tabladillos, located in the town of Ojos Álbos (Ávila) on August 30, 1950 in the bosom of a family of the high aristocracy of the country. He grew up in that building, which belonged to the family of Blasco Nuez de Vela, the first viceroy of Peru and now those close to Del Alcázar can see works by Barceló, Sicilia, Campano or the naked Maja by Manolo Valdés. The businessman is the oldest of seven brothers and son of Diego del Alcázar y Caro, IX Marqués de la Romana, Grande de España and María Teresa Silvela Jiménez-Arenas. Both families have held high positions in the politics of the country: his great grandfather Manuel Silvela was Minister of State and ambassador of Spain and his brother, Francisco, was president of the Government during the reign of Alfonso XII.De Alcázar studied Law and Political Sciences in the Complutense of Madrid and the Sorbonne in Paris and founded in 1973 the Instituto de Empresa. Between 2007 and 2012 he was chairman of the Vocento publishing group and is an advisor to Abc. He has also served on the boards of several companies. He is a patron and adviser to the Xavier Zubiri Foundation and the Princess of Girona Foundation, very close to the Royal House. Del Alcázar is one of the people that has best known how to move between the scenes of national and international politics. And with all the matches. In 2003, for example, the government of José María Aznar decorated him with the Order of Alfonso X El Sabio. Ministers of the two major parties have collaborated in its center and the former Councilor of the Community of Madrid, Juan José Güemes, is a member of its board of directors. His contacts with the power also cross our borders because there are many foreign leaders who have decided to send their children to IE University of recognized worldwide prestige. His wife is also a person with power. She is María Benjumea Cabeza de Vaca, with whom she married in 1977. She is the daughter of the Count of Guadalhorce and has two children, Diego and Isabela, the latter married to a grandson of Ramón Serrano-Suñer, brother-in-law of the dictator Franco. The Benjumea family are the founders of Abengoa. The woman was awarded in 2016 by the Government of the PP with a Medal of Merit to Work. The Alcázar-Benjumea family has, apart from the Tabladillo, several farms in Soria, Guadalajara and Cáceres. Now their important heritage has incorporated a first lady.

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