The Government of the Region of Murcia, together with the City of Archena, will provide a solution to the evacuation of water in the lower area of the urban area of our town.

In this way you will avoid puddles, floods, humidity and bad odors from rainwater and the ditch.

The Community is committed, together with the City of Archena, to carry out a work aimed at the evacuation of rainwater and those from the main ditch. This will prevent possible flooding, flooding, humidity and bad odors in the lower area of ​​the urban area.

The Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Miguel Ángel del Amor, has received a previous report of actions to be carried out by his mayor, Patricia Fernández López: “It shows the problems in the area of ​​passage of the ditch and a range of solutions that the regional government will have to study to carry out the most appropriate, “said Del Amor.


In addition to the corresponding hydraulic studies, an inspection of the current state of the pipeline will be made to check the possible infiltration problems that may exist.

“Once this analysis is completed, the corresponding project that will be put out to tender in the first semester of 2019 will be drafted,” said the counselor. He also reported that “among the solutions provided is the realization of registry boxes for the maintenance and cleaning of the channel itself, thus avoiding stagnant water and the problems that this may cause.”


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