The Government announces “legal measures” after the resolution of the Parliament calling for the abolition of the monarchy

The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, warned on Thursday that the Executive will adopt “all legal measures within its reach” in defense of legality after the resolution passed in the Catalan Parliament that vindicates the republican values ​​and bets for “the abolition of an outdated and undemocratic institution like the monarchy “.

“The resolution voted this afternoon in the Catalan Parliament that aims to reject and condemn the head of state is inadmissible,” the Prime Minister stressed in a message on his personal Twitter account, warning that he will adopt “the legal measures to its scope in defense of legality, the Constitution and the institutions of the State. ”

Pedro Sánchez

The resolution voted this afternoon in the Parliament of Catalonia that seeks to reject and condemn the head of state is inadmissible. This #Government will adopt the legal measures at its disposal in defense of the legality, the Constitution and the institutions of the State.

20:34 – Oct 11 2018
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The initiative also rejects and condemns “the positioning of King Felipe VI and his intervention in the Catalan conflict”, since he considers that he justified the police charges of October 1, 2017.

With this resolution, the central executive has stressed that the constitutional position of the head of state “should always be left out of use in the partisan debate” and has announced that it will adopt “the legal measures at its disposal to always prevent those actions that undermine the constitutional position of all of the State institutions “in defense of legality and the Constitution.

The Government considers this resolution “politically unacceptable”, that it has gone ahead with the votes of the communes, JxCat and ERC -69 votes-, the abstention of the CUP -4- and the rejection of PP, PSC and Cs -57-. In addition, stresses that it “is the product of the drift of the independence groups that, inexplicably, have had the support of another parliamentary group, in their irresponsibility to use Catalan institutions to encourage conflict and not to serve the general interests of all the Catalans “.

“The legal extravagance of this attempt to condemn and reject HM King Felipe VI, which lacks any legal and constitutional basis, does not detract from the performance carried out this afternoon by the aforementioned groups,” the Ministry of the Presidency argues in a statement. .

The same resolution of the communes has made the parliament have condemned “repressive acts against citizenship and threats of illegalization” against Catalan parties, alluding to the voices of the PP and Cs that have recently proposed to ban the CUP.

The reprobate text on Thursday has been approved in the monographic debate on coexistence that has been held at the request of Cs and, after certifying that the initiative received the green light from the Chamber, the groups that voted in favor have staged a long applause. In the same plenary, a vote has been taken in favor of the rejection of former President Núria de Gispert for her continuous insults to Inés Arrimadas and for the right of Catalonia to hold a referendum on self-determination.

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