The first day of the closure of the center of Madrid to traffic, from the eyes of Carmena

 The mayor of Madrid is satisfied with her flagship project, Madrid Central: «Everything flows as expected»

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The City of Madrid wants to get traffic rolled in the center of the city decreases around 40%. The start-up of Madrid Central is the bet to get it from the team of Manuela Carmena that this morning has been satisfied on this first day of traffic restrictions. «It seems that everything is flowing as expected, parents take their children to school and everything is going well, this was something necessary in Madrid, as are the big European cities like Berlin or London where they also charge to enter, something that is not let’s do, «he explained.

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Carmena maintains that complying with the guidelines of the European Commission to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and avoid a multi-million dollar fine is not only the goal of Central Madrid. «The health of the citizens is the fundamental thing, it is what is at stake, we must address the issue of pollution.» The mayor has insisted that people who come to the center of Madrid by car can leave it in the car parks. The concept that the City Council wants to convey is that you can not cross the city.

It is planned to begin fine in March
For now, agents are responsible for informing the occupants of vehicles that do not comply with the restrictions of Central Madrid. It is the first phase of this plan that will last around two months. «The idea is to start fining at the end of February and the beginning of March», explained Manuela Carmena.

The mayoress maintains that if the appeal in the courts to paralyze Central Madrid goes ahead, they will comply with the law, but believes that the path of the courts is not the way. «The issues have to be addressed in the dialogue and the exchange of ideas, we must seek consensus on public health issues»,