The fire in Valencia is already almost controlled and allows the neighbors to return to their homes

The inhabitants of the Montepino, Montesol and Las Cumbres urbanizations have not yet been able to return home

Neighbors on the ground devastated by the flames: «It is very sad to see the town burned because the mountain is your life»

The fire of Valencia keeps 2,600 residents out of their homes after razing 3,000 hectares

«We only had time to catch our baby and run away»

The Llutxent fire remains stabilized within gravity, and it is expected that during the next few hours it will be controlled by the extinguishing equipment. The improvement of this situation allowed the gandiense residents evicted yesterday of the town of Pinet and the urbanizations of the Drova and the Hermitage of Marxuquera, to return to their houses, since the people in charge of the extinction considered these safe zones. “We’ve had a terrible time, these days have been fatal for us.” This is how José Mahiques, retired firefighter and neighbor of Pinet, expressed how the evacuated people lived the seventy-two hours away from their homes. Through tears, José remembered the moment they were evicted, when, “as in the movies, everyone was running” and the town was deserted. “I do not wish anyone what we have been these days,” he said. Yesterday, for the first time in three days, Jose was able to open the door of his house and check that everything was “right”, including the dogs that had been forced to leave the house. Now, as a citizen and former firefighter, he feels grateful for all the work done by the agents because he says he knows “how difficult it is to work in the work of extinction.” Joy also came yesterday to the home of Begoña Pérez, a neighbor of Pinet and the mother of an 11-year-old boy: “We really wanted to go back, and when I entered the house I felt joy and I started crying,” he explained. Already relieved, Begoña said she was afraid that something would happen to her house “because I do not have a family and I would stay in the street”. However, despite the fact that the neighbors have not had to regret damage or victims, they are devastated by having lost thousands of hectares of natural landscape. “It is very sad to see the town burned because the mountain is their life,” said Begoña. Also Benjamín Villalén, a neighbor of Llutxent who likes to enjoy the mountains, recalled very emotionally the sadness he felt when he saw the mountains burned upon reaching the town. However, Benjamin, who had to flee with his two-year-old son and his 90-year-old grandmother, was grateful that his house has not been damaged. At the other extreme are the inhabitants of the urbanizations of Montepino, Montesol and Las Cumbres, also in Gandía. These neighbors have not been so lucky and still today remain evacuated without being able to return to their homes. This was reported yesterday by the mayor of Gandia, Diana Morant, after having a meeting with the firefighters, the Government Delegation and Emergencies. According to José María Ángel, general director of Emergencies, in the area there is still “real danger” derived from the causes of the fire, such as landslides, electrical cables, stones in accesses or houses that will be declared in ruins. For this reason, the Town Hall of Gandía has enabled a space in the House of Culture for the residents of these urbanizations, where they will be treated and will be processed the search for a house “urgently” to those who do not have a second home . This was announced yesterday by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, who assured that the Consell and the local councils of the zones will look for «housing solutions» for the affected families. In the opinion of the leader, the priority is to relocate those people whose first homes have been damaged by the flames. Calm message “It is still far from achieving extinction, since, although the fire is” stabilized within the perimeter “continues” too much alive, “said Puig, while stressing that the most important in these situations is” save the life of the people”. Therefore, the official added that, although the evictions have been “painful decisions”, they have prevented the death toll and only have to lament “the environmental damage” in the worst fire in the last five years in the Valencian Community. In this regard, he thanked “the enormous professionalism” of all the brigades and troops that fight these days against its spread and “watch over the safety of the neighbors in the area.” For its part, the mayor of Gandia announced that as you have information on the status of the houses, the City will communicate it to the owners. “There the formula will be arbitrated to accompany them to their homes whenever there is no danger,” said Morant. At the same time, the manager launched a “message of tranquility” to the tourists of the municipality, after detecting that some had canceled their reservations in hotels after the fire occurred: “There is total normality in the hotels, as well as in the beach of Gandia, “he said. Firefighter strike The Forest Firemen collective of the Valencian Community has manifested the start of an indefinite strike starting on September 7 due to the Government’s refusal to revise and modify their salaries. The secretary general of CCOO of the Forest Firemen of the Valencian Community, Antonio Criado, stated that the Ministry of Finance says that “they do not want to review our salary” for fear of the “so-called effect” and that the rest of the collectives in this sector Spain “request a salary review”, reports David Pérez.

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