The Counseling and Mortgage Mediation Service reaches all municipalities, among them Totana

The Service of Counseling and Mortgage Mediation ‘goes out to the street’ to serve in the 45 municipalities of the Region, among them the one of Totana, to the people who are in risk of losing their house due to non-payment of mortgage or rent.

It is a new way to access this free regional service that, to date, had telephone assistance, through 012, and in person, in the Ministry of Development and Infrastructure.

The objective is to facilitate access to this free regional service that mediates and negotiates with creditor entities and landlords.

This public assistance has the support of the official schools of lawyers, attorneys, economists, agents of real estate property, as well as the Federation of Municipalities (FMRM).

The non-payment of the habitual residence of a family is one of the most important problems that any person can suffer, so it is crucial to publicize this service to all the people who are in this situation know so that they can be facilitated. negotiations with credit institutions and avoid eviction proceedings.

The Autonomous Community is willing to sign an agreement with the financial entities that operate in the Region of Murcia so that they can make known the Counseling and Mortgage Intermediation Service to those who are in this situation of default and go to the bank offices.

1,274 families served

A total of 1,274 families were assisted in the four years of operation of this free regional service. The user-type profile is that of families that, as a consequence of their situation of unemployment or absence of economic activity, prolonged in time, have ceased to be able to meet their obligations derived from loans or mortgages arranged for the acquisition of your home.

The regional service offers guidance and general information, legal-financial advice to the family, mortgage mediation with financial institutions aimed at agreeing plans for debt restructuring, interest rate reduction, lack of capital and interest, withdrawal, payment in kind and social rent to the most vulnerable families.

The solutions that could have been proposed to these people, in collaboration with the professional associations and financial entities, were fundamentally the refinancing of loans, the payment in kind and the social rent. Under the coordination of the service and according to the query, citizens are referred to the different professional associations to receive economic financial and legal mortgage advice.