THE ALCÁZARES. Five months ago the works on Río Aranguín Street were completed and the signage is still pending. What to do!



It has been more than a year since it was published: “The works planned in the streets of Nuevo Principado will be subject to private commercial interests, damaging the neighborhood” [NE. 27.08.2017.HEMEROTECA] and it is confirmed that the measures adopted at the request of the Ombudsman in 2012, to solve the road chaos in Rio Aranguín Street, motivated by its total use for loading and unloading goods, have not been respected .

The solution put into practice then consisted in carrying out the loading and unloading at the ends of the street, instead of doing it in the center, not getting on the sidewalks and respecting the four places for the disabled and the pedestrian crossing (only in two hundred meters street). But there was no intention of fulfilling what was committed. The reality shows that they were only looking to “get out of step”, to gain time, to delay sine die the solution of a problem that surpasses a handcuffed Popular Municipal Government Team, subject to the dictates of a very specific sector of industrial transport and commerce local, basically hotelier. They rule and the City Council obeys. Proof of this is that the situation has worsened. And go on

The loading and unloading areas at the ends of Río Aranguín Street and the end of Narcea River were repainted a month ago, but, incredible as it may seem, the rest of the signs, vertical and horizontal, were left the same, that is to say, ” abandoned “as they appear in the photographic report.


There is no need to repeat what is already written: “Road traffic offenders enjoy municipal protection. Anarchy à la carte »[NE. 10.08.2018 HEMEROTECA] but it is convenient to remember it from time to time so as not to forget it, to keep in mind that in Los Alcázares there are norms that are “cut” to the “user” size. How can it not be conceived that industrial vehicles repeatedly violate the Norms? of Road Planning without the slightest consideration towards their fellow citizens? Why is it permissible for an industrial vehicle to remain parked forbidden, limiting the accessibility of people, for hours, one day and the next, a week and thereafter, with the greatest impunity, when it pleases? Why the City not only consents, but collaborates denying improving the visibility (painting) of the prohibited areas? Why this positive differential treatment towards those who do not respect, and negative for other citizens?

The municipal painters have been waiting for orders for five months and the street for several years. This shameful way of acting is the one exhibited by the Municipal People’s Group in this street of Nuevo Principado, and with it all those who support him (officials or not) in such despicable behavior, or turn a blind eye. It both mounts, mounts so much.

The new message of the Popular Party to the population is «# ACTÚA». Well, you can start by giving example in the street Rio Aranguín, which is waiting for you in Los Narejos.


“The turn of modernization has come to the tourist resort of Los Narejos […] We continue to improve our municipality day by day, it is a priority that people can walk with the greatest comfort possible […] The government continues to take steps forward to correct all the defects of the municipality with constructive policies, against the policies of deception and the destruction of a party that we do not want to remember … Streets adapted to people with reduced mobility […] New sidewalks that promote the elimination of architectural barriers . The PP looks and does for citizens, others that we already know … to their own ».

Five months after having been expressed in these terms the Municipal People’s Group, it is confirmed that there are two cities with the same name: Los Alcázares. One is the one that politicians sell and charge, the other is bought and paid by citizens. They do not look alike.

You have to have a harder face than Porriño’s granite to talk about eliminating barriers, accessibility, mobility, etc. etc. in the Río Nalón promenade or its gregarious Río Aranguín, both in the “pool position” of the municipality’s commercialization. What to do!


The Defender of the Disabled is a municipal institution, that is, dependent on the City Council, or what is the same, that does not act independently. Without a doubt, it is for this reason that he has not replied (or merely acknowledgment of receipt) to the successive mails sent over the past month of August (four) with photos of road infractions that affect the collective completely, theoretically , has to protect. Neither has it answered the successive denunciations made, nor taken any measure to put an end to the abuses of the industrial vehicles, absolute owners of the street  Who lives immersed in the road anarchy ruling in the Rio Aranguín street knows that, although it may seem untrue, as regards road traffic prevails the law of the strongest: trucks and vans on cars, delivery of goods on neighbors and pedestrians. Brazenness and impudence with regard to civic education and horizontal and vertical road signs [NE 10.08.2018. HEMEROTECA].


This way of managing a municipality, favoring a few, harming the majority, prioritizing mercantile and speculative objectives, and violating the civic, social and even environmental rights of most of its members, constitutes one of the fundamental objectives of the two legislatures of the Municipal People’s Group, which in 2011 demanded “TRUST” to the citizens, to “RECONSTRUCT” later in their own way and “ACT” from now on we do not know how, even though we already know their facts. And what has been done (badly) and not done, is much. Zero confidence Maybe in others of the same political party you can trust, but not in them. And in those who, from above, let them do what they do, even less. They can not be trusted.


I would like to see the photos one by one, full screen, note the brief comments inserted and reflect on the message they contain. First the Rio Aranguín street, destroyed until a few months ago, one of its sidewalks has been reconstructed (only that of the peers), and pending the completion of the signage (since 2012 nothing has been done), so that it remains the same as other streets Township; horizontally and vertically, especially the places reserved for people with disabilities (four) and the passage of pedestrians, whose paint is so deteriorated that it is almost invisible. This street is still used as a dock for loading and unloading trucks and vans. Among the half dozen streets of Nuevo Principado, whose sidewalks have been recently rebuilt, is Río Navia. It has “acted” only on one of its sidewalks, as in Rio Aranguín. Its current state is another example of the lack of attention received by the Town Council from the residents of Nuevo Principado: trees that have not been pruned for more than a year, pavements with vegetation and paving in poor conditions. They pay taxes all year round and treat them like this. What has been said: municipality not recommended, with unreliable managers


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