SAN JAVIER / The veteran actor Pedro Casablanc stars in “Filoctetes” the last tragedy of Sophocles, an anti-war work and with a high dose of intrigue

The Festival of San Javier hosts the performance of “Filoctetes”, which arrives after its premiere at the Mérida Festival where, for the first time in the history of the Festival, this late and little-known work by Sophocles, versioned by Jodi Casanovas, has been performed. and directed by Antonio Simón. A brief and solvent cast made up of the veteran Pedro Casablanc, Pepe Viyuela, Felix Gomez and Samuel Viyuela gives life to a set with scenography by Murcian Paco Azorín.

To elucidate if the end justifies the means will be the task of the audience that will attend a poetic and reflective montage on the longing for a fairer world in which narrates the vicissitude of the warrior Filoctetes played by Pedro Casablanc which his companions leave, en route to the Trojan War, after being bitten by a snake on the desert island of Lemnos. Years later, without winning the war, they are forced to return in their quest to fulfill the prophecy according to which the battle could not be won without the Arch of Filoctetes.

The last tragedy of Sophocles, written shortly before his death, has a strong anti-war character and a high dose of intrigue that is maintained throughout the work in which as explained by its director has intended “to resonate with today’s audience the ethical lament Filoctetes who sees how the corrupt, depraved and mediocre, get everything and the best die in war or are excluded from the circles of power.

Jordi Casanovas’ version brings a feminist vision by changing the chorus of sailors for a chorus of women, from the island of Lemnos, “against the patriarchal and military culture”. The staging of Yeclano Paco Azorín, a volcanic beach with a stranded boat supported by video-projections, contributes to the sobriety of the assembly that arrives with the best credentials of critics and audiences after its premiere in Mérida.

The veteran actor Pedro Casablanc starred in Filoctetes the latest tragedy of

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