Ryanair cancels 400 flights due to pilot strike

Ryanair has canceled 400 flights scheduled for tomorrow before the first joint strike of pilots, convened in Ireland, Belgium, Sweden and Germany and will affect 67,000 passengers, according to the data of the airline.

There are 25,000 passengers affected on the 146 flights canceled to or from Ireland, Belgium and Sweden. Ryanair reports that it has already contacted them to find them a relocation or return the price of the ticket.

In the German case, the strike was announced on Wednesday and the airline criticizes the pilots union that had not warned in advance to do the same with the 42,000 passengers affected by the cancellation of another 250 flights.

Eighty of the canceled flights, one in five, have their origin or destination at a Spanish airport. The most affected are those in Alicante, with 14 affected flights, Palma de Mallorca, with 12, Barcelona and Madrid, with 10 flights respectively, and Seville and Malaga, with 8 flights in each of these Andalusian airports.

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