REGION DE MURCIA / The Community presents its mobile application of access to 1-1-2 for deaf people as a pioneering experience in Spain

The Region promotes before the National Council for Civil Protection the adoption of a standard that allows users to access any national and European emergency service

The Autonomous Community has transferred to the Permanent Commission of the National Civil Protection Council the experience in terms of solutions 1-1-2 accessible to deaf people, as a contribution to the working group dedicated to the search for devices usable throughout the Spanish territory (GT 1-1-2 Accessible).

The general director of Citizen Security and Emergencies, José Ramón Carrasco, explained that “our application ‘1-1-2 Murcia Accessible’, developed by the Autonomous Community, was one of the first in Spain exclusively for this group. In operation, it has been assisting deaf people, which is why we are promoting the adoption of a standard that allows any application from any application to be able to access any 1-1-2 from Spain and Europe. ”

Carrasco, who was present at the meeting held this week in Madrid and chaired by the interior minister, stressed that “as proposals for improvement in the system, work is being done on the possibility of incorporating sign language, which confirms that the Region is a pioneer in innovation and technology applied to the attention of emergency warnings, to facilitate that it is a universal service, and thus it has been transferred to this national organization that holds the maximum coordination in civil protection in our country “.

The mobile application ‘1-1-2 Murcia Accessible’ was developed by the associations of the Region with greater representation in the field of people with hearing and speech disabilities. It is an application with very intuitive use, which uses drawings and conversation chats.

Users must register through the Federation of Deaf People of the Region of Murcia (Fesormu), the Federation of Associations of Families of Deaf People of the Region of Murcia (Fasen), the Association of Laryngectomized Region of Murcia (Alamur) ) and the Spanish Association Against Cancer. “In addition, there are talks with the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (Cermi) to expand the dissemination of ‘1-1-2 Murcia Accessible'”, Carra finished

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