REGIÓN DE MURCIA/ Más de 47.000 personas ya utilizan la aplicación ‘SEF Móvil’ para buscar ofertas de empleo y cursos

The users, who give the application a rating of 4 out of 5, value above all its accessibility and easy handling

A total of 47,328 people are already looking for job offers and training courses through ‘SEF mobile’, the application for ‘smartphones’ and tablets of the Regional Training Service (SEF) which also allows for other procedures, such as renewing the Job application or request a previous appointment in an employment office at any time and in any place.

This ‘app’, available for free for both the Android operating system and IOS, has accumulated so far this year a total of 16,967 new downloads. Thus, it has gone from 30,361 posted after December 2017 to the current 47,328. In this way, an average of 2,120 people download this application every month.

In addition, users of App Store and Google Play, the two platforms from which you can download ‘SEF Mobile’, give this ‘app’ a rating of 4 out of 5, highlighting its usefulness when permanently being informed about offers of employment and training, as well as its easy and intuitive handling.

‘SEF Mobile’ is designed to offer a search as close as possible to the profile of each user, and offers the option to set preferences in order to receive alerts on the job offers of the professional sector in which you want to work or courses that they are more interested according to their training priorities.

The user can also create events in the mobile device calendar that will remind him of the appointments he has made in his office, as well as the next date of renewal of his demand for employment. Also, if requested, you can receive a notification reminding you of the date of renewal of employment demand the day before and the same day of the appointment.

In this sense, the general director of SEF, Severa González, pointed out that “tools like this ‘app’ allow us to advance in our commitment to make the SEF a more modern organism and connected to citizens. they show the good reception it has had among users “.

Closer to the citizen

The SEF launched this ‘app’ in December 2016 with the aim of establishing a closer, more agile and more dynamic relationship with the citizen. To this end, the Murcia employment service is also present on the internet through, which registered nearly eleven million visits in 2017.

On this website it is also possible to access information about job offers, training courses or to request an appointment at an employment office. In addition, the SEF profiles on the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube platforms accumulate a total of 14,310 followers.

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