REGIÓN DE MURCIA/ La Guardia Civil se incauta de cerca de 200 kilos de picadura de tabaco de contrabando

34 people have been proposed for sanctions as alleged authors of infraction to Law 12/1995, of December 12, of Reprimand of Contraband.

The value of the apprehended tobacco exceeds 33,000 euros

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia, within the framework of the services directed to the prosecution of fiscal crimes, has apprehended 196 kilos of tobacco stings and 20 bags-packs of contraband cigarettes in the municipalities of Águilas, Lorca, Puerto Lumbreras and Mazarrón.

La Benemérita has processed 34 complaints for the alleged authorship of an infringement of Law 12/1995, of December 12, on the Reprimand of Contraband.

The investigation began last June when specialized agents of the Fiscal Service of the Civil Guard detected a certain increase in the consumption of tobacco stings in several municipalities of the Alto Guadalentín region.

Given the suspicion that the aforementioned product was being marketed through the ‘black market’ and without due guarantees for the consumer, the Benemérita ordered an investigation aimed at ascertaining its origin and identifying, where appropriate, the persons who, of the legal channels established for the commercialization of tobacco products, they dispensed it to consumers.

These investigations have been positive with the identification of 34 people who have been apprehended a total of 196 kilos of snuff snuff contraband and 60 bags-packs of cigarettes, filled with the aforementioned product.

All of them have been proposed for sanction before the Regional Office of Customs and Special Taxes of Murcia, as presumed authors of infraction to the Law 12/1995, of December 12, of Reprimand of Contraband.

The tobacco bite was usually sold in one kilo packages, but also in bags filled with 20 cigars and delivered to consumers through postal parcels or through the direct sale of private individuals.

The tobacco seized is valued at more than 33,000 euros.