OJÓS / A Tibetan bridge over the Segura


Ojós launches a new footbridge, 80 meters long, which it hopes will serve as a tourist attraction.
The smallest town in the region, Ojós, has since this Sunday a new tourist attraction: a suspension bridge in El Solvente, in the area of ​​the old dam.

The project, which was put out to tender by the City of Ojós and that was awarded to brothers Antonio and Ángel Ariño, is the work of engineer Luis Bernardeu. Presented to the Association for Integrated Rural Development of the Vega del Segura (ADRI), it has been supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Water and Fisheries, which gave it its approval. Finally, it has been financed with European funds and its budget has amounted to 30,000 euros.

At the inauguration ceremony, nearly a hundred people attended, including the mayor, Pablo Melgarejo; the councilors Encarna Palazón and José López, and the author of the project. Even the priest Antonio Guillén, who blessed the facilities in the company of sacristan Antonio Avilés, did not want to miss the event.

The mayor advances that a zip line will be built in the area and a climbing route will be mounted

The person responsible for the construction of the suspension bridge, Antonio Ariño, explained that «the bridge has a total length of about eighty meters and in it 2,000 kilos of wood have been used; another 2,000 iron and some 600 steel ». The works have lasted two months. «The bridge is Tibetan,» said Ariño, a lover of climbing and nature.

The director of the work, Luis Bernardeu, said that «the main feature of the bridge is the installation of six steel cables that support the entire weight of the structure.» The mayor stressed that «this bridge is just the beginning of a series of actions that will be carried out in the coming months and that will revitalize tourism, such as the construction of a zip line that will cross over the bridge, the establishment of a climbing route and a watcher».

Open to canoeing
With the start-up of this bridge, the practice of canoeing will be allowed next year and two jetties will be built; only the company that manages it is missing, according to Melgarejo. Undoubtedly, it is a very attractive bridge for hikers and neighbors who travel it and, at the same time, it has become a complement to the new tourist and sports facilities of Ojós, which will also facilitate access to the properties of the local farmers on the left bank of the Segura River.