Neighborhood representatives deal with the mayor of Cartagena projects and improvements tending to the deseasonalization of tourism in La Manga

The need for improvement of the SANITARY SERVICES, the return of the extinct IMSEL with adequate human and material resources, deficiencies in PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, the need to guarantee a fluid connection with the new INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT REGION OF MURCIA, the need for investment to replace the obsolete RED SANITATION that runs along the Gran Vía; the materialization of millionaire investments of FUNDOS EDUSI, as well as a campaign to support SMALL TRADE and the need for an EXCLUSIVE TOURIST IMAGE that identifies La Manga and help to DESESTATIONALIZE tourism, are some of the claims made yesterday by the Neighborhood Association of Culture, Sports and Leisure of La Manga (AVCDO) at the meeting offered by Ana Belén Castejón, mayor of Cartagena and held at the Town Hall.

They composed the representation of the municipal government, in addition to the mayor, the mayor Juan Pedro Torralba, responsible for Decentralization, and David Martínez Noguera, mayor responsible for Culture.

Among other topics to be discussed, was included, the improvement of the BICI LANE, an EDUSI project that is being studied at the moment (a parking garage at various heights in the Bohemian Plaza), the adaptation of deteriorated areas of La Manga to make them attractive tourist, the opening of the UNIQUE WINDOW of CARTAGENA in the Consortium during the whole week, the return of the Regional Government as responsible administration to the Consortium, the change of the public lighting for a more efficient one with LED luminaires.

There was also talk of the possibility of slashing annual expenses and investments, as well as revenues from La Manga.

With the mayor of Culture has opened a direct communication channel to bring to La Manga activities and plays, as well as specific collaborations in other events organized by the Association.

There was also talk of the need for a tourist image, which the Association has pledged to donate a design for its implementation, the updating of tourist maps and the need for the tourist reference area of ​​the Region of Murcia has presence in FITUR.