Municipal Government Board of Archena 09/14/2018

The Municipal Government Board of Archena, chaired by the mayor Patricia Fernandez, in its weekly meeting on Friday, has approved this morning the tender for the remodeling of the Europa Park, hitherto child traffic, and will become a general park children’s games and leisure, which will occupy an area of ​​more than 2,400 square meters.

The new park will be closed with a fence of 2 meters high and 211 perimeter and will have more than twenty elements of games for children, including springs, seesaws, swings, games of boats, houses and a space station.

For parents and guardians, 26 benches will be installed to rest.

The new children’s area will also have a dozen bins and a source of drinking water.

The new project of remodeling and commissioning of this playground will cost 235,000 euros and in new areas where there are no children’s elements it is planned to install lawn, gardening and diverse trees.

Almost half of the budget will be financed by the ERDF Funds, through the LEADER program, the rest will be provided by the City Council of Archena.