Monteagudo se transportará a 60.000 murcianos a la época medieval.

Source: The Truth
From the 5th to the 7th of April you can enjoy the third edition of the ‘Mercado de Fronteras’ in the hamlet of Murcia
The mayor José Ballesta, accompanied by the councilman of Pedanías, Participation and Decentralization, Marco Antonio Fernandez, and the president of the Monteagudo Frontera de Reinos Association, Juan José López, presented the third edition of ‘Frontera de reinos’, which will move to 60,000 people to the Medieval Murcia from April 5 to 7.

The medieval market will be made up of 120 craft, gastronomy and craft stalls and two large taverns. In addition, different permanent thematic areas will be installed, such as the medieval camp, falconry space and flight of raptors, weapons exhibitions, manuscripts, Cathars, torture, medicine and Luthier, Arab and Christian medieval crafts with demonstrations of dyer, turner, mosaics, cork or honey, guided routes to the medieval fortresses and Arab souk.

The program includes 80 activities distributed throughout the day with a frequency of 15 minutes with performances by musicians, dancers, comedians, acrobats, actors and specialists.

The children will have their own space in ‘Frontera de reinos’ with 20 specific activities for children of puppets and puppets, three wooden attractions (da Vinci merry-go-round, boat and ferris wheel), a farm with exotic animals, donkey rides and a playroom with wooden games and children’s workshops.

This edition will host the premiere of ‘The legacy of the King Lobo’, the group of theater of Moors and Christians of Murcia, which recreates the arrival of the army of Ibn Mardanish, better known as ‘The Wolf King’, to Medina Mursiya in the year 1162

With the entrance (five euros for adults and three for children) you can enjoy a double show: a theatrical performance lasting 45 minutes and the new medieval tournament ‘Los Juegos del Rey Lobo’ with games, jousting, duels.

This show will be held in two passes: on Saturday, the 6th, at 7:00 p.m., which includes the representation of the ‘Legacy of the Wolf King’ and the subsequent celebration of the medieval tournament, and on Sunday, the 7th, at 6:00 p.m. You can also enjoy the closing pyromusical show.

This event recreates one of the most influential sites of all the Spanish Levante for centuries, the surroundings of Monteagudo and Cabezo de Torres, place of residence of Alfonso X the Wise and Ibn Mardanís, King Lobo, which will be recovered thanks to the project ‘ The Strengths of the Wolf King. ‘

In this way, a natural and archaeological itinerary will be created with 20 kilometers of paths and pedestrian paths and more than 100,000 trees and autochthonous vegetation of the Huerta de Murcia.

This first medieval archaeological park will be composed of 150 heritage sites around the fortresses of Monteagudo Castle, Castillejo, Castillo de Larache and Cabezo de Torres; a landscape, natural and archaeological itinerary of more than 1.5 million m2.

Murcia Medieval Project
According to Ballesta, «in the transformation process we have proposed for Murcia, our city project, one of the core elements is the recovery of our identity and roots. Our medieval past is, without a doubt, one of them ».

Therefore, the Medieval Murcia project «includes unique elements such as this Royal Palace of Santa Clara in which we are, where the kings of the Middle Ages lived, and from where you can continue touring the suburb of the city of Murcia of the eleventh century , XII and XIII, with their houses, inns, cemeteries and oratories, which is the site of San Esteban that we are recovering ».

«We also go through the city wall, with that layout that will appear on the ground of the city of Murcia very soon, next to the extension of the center of the Wall of Santa Eulalia and, of course, to visit the largest archaeological park of the Region that will be ‘The Fortresses of the King Lobo’, with 1.5 million m2, more than 150 enclaves of archaeological interest and 20 kilometers that will travel the forts of Monteagudo, Larache, Castillejo and Cabezo de Torres », he points out.

With regard to this last project, Ballesta believes that «it has already taken its first steps and is underway with the acquisition by the City Council of Castillejo and the surrounding land.»

In his speech, Ballesta highlights the importance of «streamlining to the maximum two administrative processes» under way, such as the «imminent adjudication» of the rehabilitation works of Monteagudo Castle and the recovery of San Esteban.

Therefore, the mayor asks the Ministry of Culture «the maximum agility to make the final award and the works begin as soon as possible on the slope of the Castle» and the Promotion «publication as soon as possible in the Official Gazette of the San Esteban».