LOS ALCÁZARES / Violators of road planning enjoy municipal protection. Anarchy on demand.




Although it seems incredible, especially for residents of Nuevo Principado, in the City of Los Alcázares there is an Interior Department, which acts with functions delegated by the Mayor. Although it seems incredible, the Delegate Councilor of the Interior has under his scope of action (and responsibility) the Local Police and Civil Protection. The Local Police Corps exercises, among many others, the following functions: “ordering, signaling and directing traffic in the urban area, in accordance with the provisions of the traffic regulations, […] surveillance, regulation and ordering of the traffic on the urban roads of its competition ». Whoever lives immersed in the highway anarchy that reigns in the Rio Aranguín street knows that, although it may seem a lie, in terms of road traffic, the law of the strongest reigns: trucks and vans, over cars. Distributors of goods on neighbors and pedestrians. Brazenness and impudence about civic education and horizontal and vertical road signs.
The unloading and loading of goods at the cost of whatever, although it seems unlikely, do not concern the Department of the Interior or the professionals who should exercise their authority. The images in the PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT highlight that they remain on the sidelines, as if this problem were not with them. They are wrong. https://www.losalcazares.es/concejalias/interior/policia-local

Although it seems a lie between the functions developed by the ‘municipal’ figure of the Defender of Persons with Disabilities, there is that of ‘coordinating with the different Councilors of the City Council of Los Alcázares so that the regulations of the Disabled person are complied with’. In view of the reality it seems that Rio Aranguín Street is not in its street, because there are infringed daily traffic rules, parking vehicles on the four places specially marked for people with disabilities, pedestrian crossing (only in all the street) and the sidewalks (both) one of which has been rebuilt (it was shattered) spending money from the taxpayers’ pocket. Its accessibility (without trees) has been improved so that the trucks invade them without damaging the tires. The Disability Advocate is aware of this bad practice that forces people to get off the road, even with a wheelchair.
Although it seems unbelievable, the Defender of Persons with Disabilities has received four emails over the last month reporting infractions, accompanied by photos that testify to anarchic behavior, but has not even accused received.

Although it seems incredible the neighbors are trying everything and, despite this, the situation gets worse every day, because the City Council does not end with such mismanagement in road planning, to favor a handful of merchants whose ambition has gripped them, without dare to put them in their place: respect for the rules.
The neighbors have spoken with the offenders, they have left informative notes on the windshield of their vehicles, they have written to the distributing houses, to their power stations, and the result is null. They know (if they do not know, they ask and they inform them) that in Los Alcázares they can do whatever they want, at least as regards repeated commission of road infractions.

Following a complaint filed by the neighbors before the Ombudsman, and the favorable provision of the City Council to achieve a solution to the conflict, neighbors willing to collaborate proposed the Rio Navia street as a loading and unloading area, as shown in the PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT. The proposal was studied by the Sergeant of Management and a Corporal. Only one section (Mercadona side facade) was accepted, the rest being rejected because it was too far (?) From the Río Nalón promenade.
We chose different zones at the ends of Río Aranguín street (the current ones). However, the Rio Navia street is the widest in the area, it does not have houses on the sidewalk of the peers and, doing the loading and unloading there, the trucks would not have to ‘wander around’ the urbanization: less inconvenience for the neighbors and less trafic. You only have to use industrial hand trucks on the way to the promenade.
There was no way to convince the representatives of the City Council and, six years later, the existing conflict confirms that the solution proposed by the neighbors was better than the one adopted, and that the industrial vehicles do not respect. Hold it and not amend it. The images of the report are incontestable.

In the Residencial Nuevo Principado, of Los Narejos, the Corporation municipal, with the Popular Municipal Group to the front, does not paint anything in front of the particular interests of a group of merchants who have colonized a walk between houses, urban public domain, to turn it into permanent settlement dominated by the street catering. It is not necessary to be blind to deduce who is in charge at the Paseo Río Nalón, it is common knowledge, to the shame and derision of some regional authorities who are neither expected nor expected. ■ COMMENTS ON THE PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORT I recommend seeing the pictures one by one and in full screen. Some were previously published, but they are again. There are many industrial vehicles that meet daily in the street Rio Aranguín: gas, beer and other carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, frozen and refrigerated foods, ice, hospitality supplies of all kinds, and so on. All have something in common: they have submitted to a City Council that does not know what to do, except not punish them and not remove their vehicles with the municipal crane. The stickers for this purpose are only used when a passenger is removed by the crane, the trucks and vans are governed by another jurisdiction: HA-CEN-LO-QUE-LES-DA-LA-GA-NA. Industrial vehicles park on forbidden even for hours. And the Calladito and quietecito City Hall. Who does not believe that he appears in the street Rio Aranguín and see it. The journalists of the regional press, who have not yet echoed this conflict, are also invited. ■ HEMEROTECA03.09.2017 «Triple infraction over area for people with disabilities, pedestrian crossing and sidewalk: road anarchy that never stops» http://newseuropa.es/los-alcazares-triple-infraccion-sobre-zona-para-personas -with-disability-step-of-pedestrians-and-sidewalk-the-anarquia-vial-que-no-cease / 18.07.2018 «The industrial vehicles will destroy the sidewalk before the municipal complacency (PP). The neighbors will pay for the reconstruction again »http://newseuropa.es/los-alcazares-los-vehiculos-industriales-destrozaran-la-acera-ante-la-complacencia-municipal-pp-los-vecinos-volveran-a- pay-the-reconstruction / 14.07.2018 «The ordination, regulation and road safety do not apply in Los Narejos. Anarchy and tolerance walk together (and 2nd) »http://newseuropa.es/los-alcazares-la-ordenacion-regulacion-y-seguridad-vial-no-se-aplican-en-los-narejos-anarquia-y- tolerance-walk-together-and-2a / 11.07.2018 «The ordination, regulation and road safety do not apply in Los Narejos. Anarchy and tolerance walk together. (1ª) »http://newseuropa.es/los-alcazares-la-ordenacion-regulacion-y-seguridad-vial-no-se-aplican-en-los-narejos-anarquia-y-tolerancia-caminan-juntas-

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