The lucky ones who have managed to overcome the opposition to the police this year, still have another great step: to pass an intensive course in the largest Police School in Europe, which is the National Police Corps; which is in Ävila and which have just been incorporated.

There, in addition to training students, they will be pushed to the limit so that they are able to overcome any critical situation in which their lives or the citizens they protect may be in danger.

For this reason, training in values ​​is a priority: honesty, honesty, loyalty, camaraderie, teamwork … I think it is an essential starting point and one that makes us highly valued by society.

Then, the knowledge is taught to face the current needs and those that are expected to arrive. The great challenge of the police today is the new technologies and the crimes that are committed with them.

What most surprises students is the legal teaching that is established in the Departments’ Study Plans so that their future police action will always be accompanied by maximum rigor. Although all the theoretical training is complemented with all kinds of practices: shooting, personal defense, risky driving, etc; Legal training is increasingly important.

The great present and future challenge of the School of Avila is internationalization. At present, Courses for Police of many Bodies and countries are taught. Also for Police Organizations such as Interpol, Frontex, etc. It is about thirty states. The main objective is to create – together with our European partners – an «Erasmus Police» based on the «Spirit of Bologna».

While working on the previous claim, we can be proud that since 2015, is the headquarters of the Permanent Secretariat of the Ibero-American Police School of the Community of Police of America (AMERIPOL). Where training is offered -both in person and remotely- for Ibero-American Police Bodies and where each country can also publish their courses and be used by the others to train their agents, thus becoming the largest (Virtual) School in the world .