La Sardina will arrive from Archena

The image of the sardine party will start in 2019 from this municipality of Vega Media.

Source: The Opinion of Murcia

The Marcos Salvador Romera trovero will be the Pitocronico and the Perla Fuertes painter will make the poster.

La Sardina will arrive next spring in Murcia for the holidays from the municipality of Archena, which was the town chosen this year by the Sardinera Association as the starting point for its festive acts. This was decided on Thursday night by its members during the assembly held at the headquarters of the Artillery Barracks, meeting in which it was also decided that the 2019 pitochronic be the renowned trove, painter, writer and cultural manager Marcos Salvador Romera and the author of the poster announcer the painter Perla Fuertes.

Marcos Salvador Romera, known on the radio as ‘El Niño Versor’, has an extensive curriculum. As a painter he has made nine individual exhibitions and has participated in more than a hundred collectives. He has been a regular contributor to various cultural magazines and media. He has published three books: ‘El Picoesquina’, ‘Saetas de Pasión’ and ‘El Niño Versor’, the name of the character he has collaborated with, with his humorous versifications over a decade in Onda Regional de Murcia.

After knowing yesterday his election as Pitochronic he acknowledged feeling “satisfied because they thought of me because of my facet of the child versor”. Regarding the party, says that the Burial of the Sardine “is an annual song to the illusion in which we return to take our facet of children,” while remembering the days he was in the pavilion of Murcia at the Expo of Seville (1992) and took the party of the Burial of the Sardine, where he got on one of the floats. For Marcos Salvador Romera, this party is “like having the Magi again in the spring. It is a mixture between the generosity of Murcia and human ambition ».

It is still early to sit down to write the 2019 pitochronic, but he affirms that he will do it in verse “with affection and affection, since the Burial of the Sardine is our hallmark and therefore I will go up to the tables of the Romea with joy, fantasy and humor ».

The author of the poster announcer, Perla Fuertes, is a Murcian artist from Alhama de Murcia. He discovered his vocation in painting without having reached the age of majority and today has a vast career in which prizes and individual and collective exhibitions are accumulated.

To all her pictorial reality, Perla Fuertes impregnates a sensation of restlessness that moves all those who contemplate the pieces, whether they are still lifes, landscape, portrait or nude. Another key factor in the work of the artist is the color and mastery of light, which outline the figures and invade the background of the paintings. Also, in a certain way, the mystery that the compositions seem to hide reinforces the introspective dialogue between the image and the viewer.

Perla Fuertes explains to the OPINION that having been chosen has brought “great joy and some concern, for the responsibility of making the poster of a very important party such as the Burial of the Sardine.” This artist indicates that from the moment they communicated it, she is thinking about the concept, “but it is very positive to have absolute freedom to do it”. A poster in which will capture the concepts of light, party, joy, fun and laughter, “which is what the Burial of the Sardine represents for me”.

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