Investigate sexual assaults in Lorquí and Mazarrón

The Judicial Police has arrested a 60-year-old man, whose identity has not been provided, accused of raping his girlfriend at the home they shared in Lorquí, La Opinión newspaper reports, from sources close to the investigation.

The event would have taken place yesterday, about eight in the morning, in a house on Cervantes Street. It was the neighbors of the area who gave the alarm, listening to the screams of the couple and intuiting that a strong discussion was taking place.

To the place agents of the Armed Institute of Molina de Segura, who saw that the scene was not only a gender violence, but signs of sexual aggression, were mobilized.

The victim, aged 30, was taken to a hospital and subjected to a forensic examination, which confirmed that she had suffered a sexual assault. He presented, in addition to vaginal tears, injuries by the struggle that, supposedly, he maintained with his attacker, who was arrested at home.

Sources close to the case point out that the alleged aggressor and his victim had moved to live in Lorquí from the Andalusian city of Huelva.


On the other hand, the Civil Guard is looking for a neighbor from Mazarrón, as the alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault on an 8-year-old girl, according to La Verdad.

Sources close to the investigation, the newspaper said, point out that the suspect, a foreign national, is a neighbor of the victim and would have taken advantage of the proximity to attack the child under the threat of harming his mother. The alleged perpetrator of the assault is a truck driver by profession and is currently out of the country.

The facts, according to denounced this Friday the family in the barracks of the town, occurred at the beginning of the month, but it would not be until now when the child dared to tell his relatives what happened. Apparently, the man subjected the child to finger touching and penetrations, according to the publication. The attack, as explained by the victim, happened at the exit of a local supermarket and, to carry it out, the suspect threatened the child with hurting her mother.