Detected a new trick to trick slot machines with five euro notes

Fuente: El País

There are three people of Chinese origin detained and it is estimated that the booty amounts to more than 40,000 euros. The fraud consisted in manipulating the tickets to make them pass for others of 50 euros.
The National Police has arrested three Chinese citizens who had developed a new fraud to cheat the slot machines by manipulating legitimate tickets of 5 euros by passing them by others of 50 euros. The arrested, two of whom resided in Badalona and another in Barcelona, ​​would have obtained a booty of more than 40,000 euros, as reported by the police in a statement. The detainees are being investigated as alleged perpetrators of crimes of counterfeiting and fraud.


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With this novel system, the alleged scammers were able to detect the “weak” machines and deceive them. The devices to which they had access were located in premises in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. The detainees introduced into the machines bills of five euros modified to be detected as others of a higher value, then proceed to “recover the amount” with what they got 50 euros legitimate for each ticket of five they used.

The police investigations began at the end of last July after finding out that, through this system, several slot machines were being tricked. The agents located in this way to three people of Chinese nationality who would have acted in several bingos, arriving to introduce more than 100 tickets adulterated in a single establishment. The collaboration of the entrepreneurs of the sector with the agents was definitive to solve the case.

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