CSIF requests passports for the voluntary transfer or repatriation of Foreign personnel in Venezuela

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Europe recognizes Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela

The Independent Trade Union and Officials Center (CSIF) wants the Government to provide diplomatic passports to Spanish civil servants in Venezuela, to guarantee their mobility and their supply tasks, and to repatriate the foreign service personnel who voluntarily want to return to Spain.

It also claims that it can temporarily move public employees who request it to neighboring third countries to continue fulfilling their functions from there in a more secure conditions.

In a statement, the union explained that it will soon begin a round of contacts with parliamentary groups to analyze the situation in Venezuela, after Spain has recognized Juan Guaidó, as president in charge of the country.

In this situation, he has warned that it is essential to guarantee the safety of Spanish personnel in the country, so he has positively assessed that the number of special operations corps has doubled.

It has also called on the Government to open a path of supply of essential medicines for all the staff of the embassy, ​​both official and labor, and has taken the opportunity to claim for the latter the complement of danger.

For the union, the workforce is in a «situation of absolute abandonment» by the Government, given that it is still pending the updating of their conditions and their salaries, which have been frozen for 10 years, and will not be applied the updates provided in the General State Budgets for public employees. In Venezuela, warns, dangerousness coexists with a very high inflation.

Foreign advised not to travel
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs discourages traveling to Venezuela «except for reasons of extreme need», and be alert through the media and social networks of the possible call for political mobilizations.

Foreign Affairs has modified in recent days the travel recommendations regarding Venezuela that it includes on its website, in which it also advises to avoid traveling through the interior of the country, as well as to follow the evolution of events through the media.

This modification took place on the eve of the ultimatum that the Government gave to the regime of Nicolás Maduro to call free, democratic elections with international guarantees in eight days or, otherwise, Spain would recognize Juan Guaidó as president of the Caribbean country.

In his travel recommendations, the ministry led by Josep Borrell stresses that the deterioration of security in Venezuela makes it advisable to take extreme precautions in case of traveling to this country.

Thus, it recommends avoiding areas where protest demonstrations are taking place, even if they are expected to be peaceful, and remember that clashes between demonstrators and security forces have resulted in fatalities, injuries of various kinds and numerous arrests.