Celebration of ‘Archena five times centenary’



Dr. Pedro Guillén along with 16 other local institutions and personalities of Archena received a tribute on the holiday for the municipality in commemoration of the signing of the Charter Puebla de Archena, a September 11, 1462, and this year celebrates 556 years . The famous doctor even discovered a monument bust that bears his face and that has been made by the archenero sculptor Salustiano López Brando.
The institutional gala was presided over by the president of the Autonomous Community, Fernando López Miras and the mayor Patricia Fernández López, accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Miriam Guardiola, the Secretary of the Family, Manuel Marcos Sánchez, regional deputies and the councilors of the Municipal Government Team
The act served to distinguish once again all the Favorite and Adoptive Sons, named in their day, as well as the Gold Medals granted by the City Council over the past years. Personalities such as Miguel Medina, Mario Spreáfico, Alejandro Medina, Pedro Giménez, the daughter of the poet Vicente Medina, as well as the centuries-old brotherhoods and institutions such as the Balneario and the Archena Military Residence, as well as the two historical acequias and the hero of Archena, Juan Carlos Maya, who was killed while defending a woman who was going to be attacked by a man.
The act finalized with the representation in the theater, where the gala was realized and that it presented / displayed an absolute full one, of the Embassy that they make the festeros of Moors and Christians in the celebrations of the Corpus, and that also is based on this fact: the signature of the Population Letter. Before the aforementioned gala, there was a parade starring the groups of Moors and Christians of Archena.
The finale to this festive day, put a great musical pyro show.

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