CARTAGENA / The future plaza facing the sea at La Manga will create a continuous and accessible pedestrian itinerary to improve the connection with the coast

With an investment of 1.2 million, within the project ‘La Manga 365’, shady areas and green spaces will be created while lighting and urban furniture will be installed

The future sea-facing plaza of La Manga del Mar Menor, which will be located in the surroundings of the Galúa Hotel, will provide a new space for rest and enjoyment by the sea to revitalize the coastline of this environment, which has a privileged landscape and a high natural and scenic value.

This space, located on the coast, will be transformed into a lookout that will open the urban area to the sea, thus improving the possibilities of walking and accessibility for the thousands of residents, tourists and visitors of La Manga.

“With this square to the sea, we are going to revitalize the maritime façade of La Manga in accordance with the demands of quality and accessibility that we want for this enclave, as well as enhance its natural value and boost social and commercial life,” the general director said today. of Transport, Coasts and Ports, José Ramón Díez de Revenga, who presented this project to the residents and businessmen of La Manga.

Diez de Revenga said that this action “is very demanded by the inhabitants of La Manga to solve the problems of accessibility to the coast, which lacks maritime strolls and spaces of relationship in a large part of its extension,” and stressed that In addition, “it will contribute to energize an area with a significant volume of tourists.”

The square to the sea in the vicinity of Galúa, which will involve an investment of more than 1.2 million, is part of the program of actions included in the ‘La Manga 365’ project and which is co-financed by the Autonomous Community and the European Fund of Regional Development (ERDF), by 80 percent, because it is a way of making Europe.

It is the first performance that tries to configure a seafront in La Manga, much in demand by locals and tourists. Its purpose is to connect the different stretches of walk that exist unconnected to give continuity to the pedestrian routes for the enjoyment of visitors.

Viewpoints oriented to the sea

The action consists of remodeling the surroundings of the Galúa hotel to adapt it as a plaza to the sea, which will encourage the opening towards the coast of the urban environment, integrating the free spaces between the buildings and the different infrastructures, thus improving its landscape quality.

A series of viewing platforms will be built, which favor the stay and the views of most of La Manga from the rocky area next to the Galúa hotel, whose elevation is the highest and is located next to the existing breakwater. These lookouts will be linked together and can reach the sand of the beach thanks to some wooden pallets.

In this way, the square to the sea will connect Camino Proa and Camino Rompiente streets to give continuity to the promenade area. Camino Proa will allow vehicular traffic in a controlled manner and on the Camino Rompiente road parking will be enabled next to the buildings, in order to free the space currently occupied by cars along the coast.

Shade elements, such as pergolas and trees, vegetable islands will also be installed, while lighting will be improved and urban furniture will be renewed.

The works will be developed on a total area of ​​6,750 square meters, of which 5,900 correspond to squares and roads and the rest, 850 square meters, to wooden walkways that give direct access to the sand.

The future plaza facing the sea of ​​La Manga will create a continuous and accessible pedestrian itinerary to improve the connection with the littoral – 1, Foto 1

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