CARTAGENA / The City Council plans a festive site in Mandarache for Carthaginians and Romans

City Council of Cartagena
Troops and Legions supports the construction of a public space that would allow several uses and that would be ready in September of 2020
The construction of nearly 2,000 homes, one avenue and the largest park in the municipality in the lands of the Rambla Sectorial Plan will not only mark an urban landmark in Cartagena, but also for Carthaginians and Romans. The City Council and the Federation of Troops and Legions maintain contacts to plan the transfer of the festive camp to the expansion area near the Mandarache shopping center. The idea is that the future Ensanche Norte, or Partial Plan CC1, will host a modern and definitive facilities for the Roman and Punic groups, which would be built by municipal initiative and that would also serve for other acts during all the months of the year.

The president of the historic festivities, José Antonio Meca, confirmed yesterday to ‘La Verdad’ talks with the municipal government team to finalize the project, with a view to the 2020 festivities. The works would involve an investment not yet specified, but probably «Millionaire», since the urbanization of the land would include the electric connections, the water and sanitation pipes and the paving. The current camp occupies an area of ​​about 25,000 square meters.


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As a result of this diary revealed the agreement between the mayor, Ana Belén Castejón, and the promoter and owner of Cartagena Parque SA Tomás Olivo, to reactivate the Rambla Plan after 18 years, the Executive sent to the festeros a message of «tranquility » «In the mayor’s office they assured us that the urbanization works of the Rambla Plan will not prevent this year from celebrating the festivities in the vicinity of the Cartagonova Stadium, with all that this entails: the camp, the fair of attractions and the market. The works will begin in October, after our September parties, or if they start earlier they will do it before in an area where they will affect us, «said Meca.

The mayor assures the festive groups that the camp will continue this year next to the Cartagonova Municipal Stadium

Olivo said a few days ago that the purpose was to resume work shortly, and have them finished within eight to twelve months. The plan involves preparing the plots so that they have all the infrastructures and services required by the regulations (including telecommunications networks). It is also planned that the company that owns most of the land, and that has the status of main developer, cost the improvement of the road that connects the Soldado Rosique street with the Canton Avenue, a road that will have two roundabouts and that between other things will improve access to the Sports Palace.

The president of the federation, José Antonio Meca, says that Mandarache is the «ideal» area by surface

After obtaining the commitment that they will be able to enjoy this 2019 of the municipal lands near the Cartagonova, to raise the camp, and of the soil that Olivo gives free of charge for the fair for two decades, Troops and Legions dreams already with its definitive enclosure.

«It’s the moment»
«Having a permanent camp is an old aspiration of the festeros and I trust that very soon it will become a reality,» said Meca. And he said that, although in the Consistory have shown caution, in that the fairgrounds require before the City endowed the draft budget, they have also expressed their willingness to respond to the needs of the historical festivals. In addition, Meca believes that the proposed objective would be so beneficial for the municipality that it could achieve the involvement of other administrations, such as the Autonomous Community, to help finance the works.

The president of Tropas y Legiones added that, after years of provisionality, and before the physical, sound and other «limitations» imposed by the construction of houses and a park in the Rambla Plan, «this is, yes or yes, the time to specify another location for the holidays ».

«Mandarache is the ideal area,» Meca added. And he argued that, having discarded this part of the city to house the AVE station and the City of Justice (which will be in the Plaza de México and Avenida Reina Victoria respectively), the City Council has enough space to cover all the needs of the parties. Although there are different «adjoining» lands to the area of ​​the Rambla de Benipila, Meca concluded, they do not offer the dimensions, the concentration of uses and the communications Mandarache does have.

Urban reorganization
Meanwhile, Castejón and Olivo are trying to set a date for the public presentation of the project for the Rambla Plan. The councilor, of the PSOE, committed last week before the opposition political groups (PP, MC, Cs and Podemos) to give information on the urban development before the next  Session of the Plenary. The municipal strategy involves requesting European funds for the park, which will be the largest green area in Cartagena, with 339,000 square meters.

The project also provides for the completion of a thousand-square-meter parking lot near the Eroski shopping center. It is an area that Cartagena Parque, under an agreement, commits to preserve for ten years. The investment in the sector between the Stadium, the neighborhood of La Concepción and Avenida Sebastian Feringán will be around 200 million euros.