Cartagena Port of cultures joins the Carthaginian and Roman festivals with a special program

Open Day on Friday, September 28, a public holiday in the municipality.

Cartagena celebrates the twenty-ninth edition of the Fiestas de Carthagineses y Romanos, declared of International Tourist Interest, from September 21 to 30. For ten days the City will remember the events that took place since its foundation by Asdrúbal el Bello until its conquest by Publio Cornelio Escipión during the Second Punic War.

Cartagena Port of Cultures joins the celebration with different initiatives for Festeros, Cartageneros and all those who come to enjoy the Celebrations.

One more year, Cartagena Puerto de Culturas will offer a Day of Open Doors on Friday, September 28, a public holiday in the municipality. In this way, you can access for free to the Museum of the Roman Theater, Augusteum, Decumano, the Punic Wall, the House of Fortune, the Civil War Shelters and the Castle of the Conception.

In addition, throughout this week of holidays, free access to these museums and sites will be allowed to the festeros who are dressed in their Carthaginian or Roman costume.

On the other hand, Cartagena Puerto de Culturas and Renfe, join so that all those traveling by train to Cartagena during the holidays, get special discounts when buying your long distance transport ticket, as well as a 2 x 1 discount on tickets to the Museums of Cartagena Port of Cultures.

Likewise, Cartagena Port of Cultures also collaborates with the city parties with free access in the panoramic lift on September 25, from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm, to witness “Oracle of Tanit” that will take place in the Torres Park auditorium.


These initiatives are joined by a special program of activities, aimed at children and adults, so that they can enjoy the History of the City in the first person.

Carthaginians and Romans. Guided route

A route to understand the epic history between Carthaginians and Romans, where Cartagena was the decisive scene of the conflict of the two most powerful peoples of the Mediterranean.

Route: Punic Wall, Forum Quarter and Roman Theater Museum. Days: Saturdays and Sundays in September. Time: 11:30 h. Departure from the Punic Wall. Price: individual € 13, reduced € 10 and Club Cartagena Port of Cultures € 6.50.

Gladiators, Gods of the sand. Guided visit

An exhibition that shows the fascinating world of the stars of the show in Rome.

Place: Punic Wall. Days: from Tuesday to Sunday. Hours: 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 5:30 pm. Price: 3.5 euros. Club Cartagena Puerto de Culturas free.

The crazy academina of gladiators. Theatrical visit

A fun theatricalization where you will learn with a crazy training, all about the gladiators: fighting techniques, food and gods.

Place: Punic Wall. Days: September Sundays. Hours: 12: 00h. Price: 8 euros. Club Cartagena Port of Cultures 4 euros.

Escipión Vs. Aníbal. The battle continues. Family activity

To know the history of Carthaginians and Romans celebrating the triumph with atmosphere clothing.

Place: Roman Theater Museum. Days: September Saturdays. Time: 11:00 h. Price: € 4 and Club Cartagena Port of Cultures € 2.

Virtual visit to the Roman Theater of Cartagena. New experiences

Guided tour with virtual reality to the Museum of the Roman Theater that will allow you to visualize it in 360º as it was in its time.

Place: Roman Theater Museum. Days: Tuesdays and Sundays in September. Time: 11:30 h. Price: € 10

Tickets can be purchased through the website of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas or in person at its museums and interpretation centers. For more information 968 500 093.

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