CARAVACA DE LA CRUZ / State of the plot in Mayrena street where the unfinished work of the auditorium is located

-Assisting the request made by the residents of Mayrena Street, the City of Caravaca de la Cruz will undertake in the coming days the appropriate work of clearing and cleaning the plot of municipal ownership located in the vicinity of the unfinished auditorium. Also, from the Department of Urban Planning have been given the necessary information to notify owners of private land in the area the obligation to keep them in good condition.
-With regard to the request for removal of the perimeter fence that is formulated in the same document, the spokesman of the Government team, Enrique Fuentes, has indicated that it must be maintained for security reasons for people, since it is an enclosure of construction and the permanence of the fence will depend on the future of the auditorium itself. Any provisional action of landscaping and provision of urban furniture would require a high economic investment by this City Council, which would be unjustified due to its temporary nature.

-Currently on the auditorium project have been judgments and the City of Caravaca de la Cruz is taking all steps to comply with them. Precisely, last week called the recruitment table, which are represented all municipal political groups, to roll back the actions at the time of contracting the work. In this sense, it should be remembered that the auditorium project was paralyzed in May 2013 by an agreement between the City Council and the Autonomous Community for lack of credit to continue with the works.

-The City of Caravaca de la Cruz appreciates the initiative of neighbors Mayrena Street to keep this space in the best possible conditions. Although, the spokesman of the government team has indicated that it is surprising the procedure chosen by the person who has disclosed this issue, since he has chosen to make this complaint in the media before meeting with the municipal representatives. The neighborhood document was registered at the City Council last Wednesday, August 28 and, in less than 48 hours, without maintaining the meeting they requested, a press release was sent making the complaint public, without giving time to assess the proposal nor discuss possible solutions. «Everyone is totally free to follow the way they see fit, but we are sure that most of the neighbors are oblivious to this circumstance and have signed to seek solutions and not to generate any controversial or alarm.»