Caravaca celebrates its 11th Environment Conference with biodiversity for agriculture as its central theme

Outstanding researchers and technicians will offer conferences within the framework of this activity organized by the City of Caravaca and the association ‘Caralluma’.
Source: City of Caravaca de la Cruz

Caravaca celebrates its 11th Environment Days from Monday 19th to Thursday 29th November, with different presentations that will link biodiversity to agriculture. The activities will be developed in the House of Culture ‘Emilio Sáez’, with free access until full capacity is reached.

The days are organized jointly by the Department of Environment of the City of Caravaca de la Cruz and the Association for the Defense of Nature ‘Caralluma’ and will feature the participation of leading researchers and technicians of the Center for Edaphology and Applied Biology Segura belonging to the Higher Council for Scientific Research (Cebas-CSIC), the Murcian Institute of Agricultural Research and Development and Food (Imida), the Association of Southeast Naturalists (ANSE) and the AlVelAl Association.

«Due to its importance and relevance, this year we wanted to focus on biodiversity as the basis of agriculture and agricultural activity and a fundamental element for its future,» said the councilor, Enrique Fuentes. The responsible area of ​​Environment also indicated that «the hedges, borders, ribazos, medianiles, the pedrizas and, in definite, the margins of the crops are fundamental for the biodiversity, to lodge the vegetation that allows the existence of certain fauna that, in turn, it is beneficial for agriculture. »

The president of the association ‘Caralluma’, Carmen Fernández, made reference to the prestige and trajectory of the participating speakers in this eleventh edition of the environmental days and affirmed that «we want to share with them all farmers and professionals related to the sector, since preserving and enhancing biodiversity, positively affects the environment and at the same time is beneficial for the farmer’s economy, since an improvement in crop production can be achieved and economic costs can be reduced «.


The conference will begin next Monday, November 19, at 18.00, with the conference ‘Techniques and proposals for the planting of hedges: case analysis’, by the biologist of the Association of Naturalists of the Southeast ‘ANSE’, Jorge Sánchez Balibrea. Then, at 7:00 p.m., the researcher from the Center for Edaphology and Applied Biology of Segura (Cebas-CSIC) Gonzalo González Barberá will talk about ‘Control of erosion through the use of hedges’.

The program will resume on Friday, November 23, at 18.00, with the talk on ‘Management of biodiversity to enhance the biological control of pests in agriculture, «which will be offered by Juan Antonio Sánchez of the Murcian Institute for Agricultural Research and Development and Alimentario (Imida) Next, at 7:00 p.m., María Pérez Marcos will talk about ‘The importance of the composition of floral margins.

The activities of the XI Environment Days will close on Thursday, November 29, at 7:00 pm, with a presentation by Miguel Ángel Gómez Tenorio, member of the AlVelAl Association that brings together the regions of the Altiplano de Granada, Los Vélez, Alto Almanzora, Guadix and Northwest of Murcia, which will talk about the ‘Management of almond tree coverings for soil conservation.