Being single can cost you dearly. And also in the car insurance

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In the same way that we have imported customs such as last Halloween, Sunday will be celebrated as the Day of the Bachelor. It is a holiday – and one of the days with the highest number of online sales in the world – that we have borrowed from China and that many businesses take advantage of to launch discounts for this public. A day out of the ordinary, yes, because according to the latest analysis of the insurance comparator, singles are forced to pay more for a multitude of services.

The mortgage, the products packed in several units, the household bills, the minimum orders … Being alone supposes to assume the full consumption thought to share as a couple. But not only that, but there are even products that -proportionally- are more expensive for them. This is the case of rentals, vacations and hotel rooms, but also that of their car insurance. Specifically, singles pay 34% more for them than married drivers. The most curious thing? That singles have “worse” cars. Something directly related to your purchasing power and the renewal of the vehicle.

Worst and safest cars more expensive

When we talk about worse cars we are referring to older cars, less powerful and mid-low range. The figures indicate that the number of singles who drive a car that has already reached the age of 15 is 20.5% higher than that of their married counterparts. The latter drive new cars in 10.3% more cases.

In the opinion of many insurers, this makes them more risky clients because, to begin with, the average age of the vehicles that are involved in accidents is 12 years. Older vehicles also tend to break down more and, therefore, to use more roadside assistance, not to mention the risk involved in cases of accidents with personal injuries (they are equipped with fewer safety systems).

In addition, and according to the insurance comparison data, only 12% of single drivers have high-end cars -of firms such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW and the like- compared to 24% of married people. The difference is even greater in the case of the super luxury sector, where the number of married people who enjoy a vehicle of these characteristics – type Ferrari, Porshe – triples that of singles. Also, opt for more powerful engines. Ultimately this translates into a policy to third parties and all risk a 34% more expensive. All-risk insurance without excess is even more expensive: 43%.

Despite the statistics, however, it is worth mentioning that they are not the most sinister: according to the survey only 16% have presented an accident part in the last year, compared to 20% of married people, although it is possible to To deduce that the average damage of the loss of the singles is greater in the case of the married.

The cost of being single

But the example of insurance is not unique, but being single can be expensive in the broadest sense of the word. If we focus on the heritage, for example, the singles end the year with a personal wealth of 7,500 euros less than those married with the same economic conditions. They also have fewer tax benefits because, among others, the married can benefit from the joint taxation of the IRPF.

As for their life expectancy, married people have a higher life expectancy. The paradox is that singles sleep better and stay thinner and in better physical shape, but they also have more “vices”. Fortunately, with almost 44% of singles in our country, some markets have started to launch specific products -such as trips- for them that go beyond the aforementioned Single Day.

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