At least 10 dead in Sant Llorenç and other points of Mallorca due to heavy rains and floods

Ten people have died after torrential rains yesterday in the Levante region of Mallorca and are looking for a missing child of about 5 years old, according to the latest official count provided by the Emergency Service of 112. The search will continue the night, it is centered next to the sea, in the area of ​​s’ Illot, and it is carried out with the help of specialized dogs in the search of people, although it is a task complicated by the destruction and the abundance of mud and vehicles The spokesman of the armed institute has detailed. He has indicated that most of the victims have been found in the channel of the torrent that crosses several localities in the area or around it.
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Neighbors of Sant Llorenç (Mallorca) record the strong floods ATLAS
The rescue teams work this afternoon in the location of this small, the last disappeared, who was with his mother in the car when they caught the flood that swept the town of Sant Llorenç.La mother died, but before he managed to save a daughter He was about 8 years old, although he could not get the child out of the car. The bodies have been found in s’ Illot, Artà and Sant Llorenç, the town most affected by torrential rains. Seven of the deceased are Spanish, two an elderly British couple and a Dutch woman. Six of them men and four women.

Among the victims is the former mayor of Artà, Rafael Gili, 71, of the extinct Unió Mallorquina, drowned in that town, of which he was a regidor in two periods, between 2004 and 2005 and in the 2007-2011 term. The former politician is joined by two Britons, whose identities are unknown at the moment, who were traveling in a taxi last night when the strong current of water caused by the overflow of a river trapped the vehicle in the town of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar. the Police and the Civil Guard have established a security plan to prevent robberies and looting in Sant Llorenç. While the 630 troops were still working, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has visited the area today and has transmitted to those affected that the Executive will “dump all resources so they can recover day to day as soon as possible.” Sanchez has transmitted to the relatives of the deceased his “respect, affection and empathy” and, after highlighting the extraordinary work of the emergency corps, has indicated that the priority is to find the disappeared alive.
Knowing from the command center the latest about the floods in Sant Llorenç (Mallorca). I want to convey our gratitude to the emergency services, who work tirelessly to attend to all those affected and assess the damage.

? Pedro Sánchez (@sanchezcastejon) October 10, 2018

“The Government is not going to turn its back”, the Chief Executive insisted, explaining that tomorrow the Council of Ministers will begin the procedures for the declaration of a catastrophic zone and the immediate start-up of economic aid. The command post of the emergency operation has also confirmed that it has found three missing persons who have survived refugees in a building near the old train station in the town.

The catastrophic floods suffered in the town of Sant Lllorenç, in the east of Mallorca, became the most tragic in the island since 1989, when four people died in the municipality of Felantix, also in the east of the island . To the mortal victims of the happened thing the terrible damages in houses, streets and real estate as well as the dozens of vehicles that have been dragged by the water are added. It all started early on Tuesday afternoon when the storm settled on Sant Llorenç and it discharged a heavy rain for hours, more than 180 liters per square meter in a short time and up to 300 liters at the end of the night. About 6:00 pm the Torrent de Sant Llorenç overflowed and the flow went strongly to the center of the town that in a few minutes was completely flooded. On the ground floors the water reached two meters and the streets became authentic rivers. Since the Balearic Government have decreed three days of official mourning in all the Balearic Islands and have suspended all official events. At the same time, on Facebook, catastrophe warnings were activated for the first time in Mallorca.
#Facebook active for the first time in Mallorca els catàstrofes warnings. Hi almenys quatre morts, molts ferits and molts desapareguts per la torrentada de Sant Llorenç. The sun faces has not sortit. Ho estam contant tot a Seguiu letiqueta # / H7rx2rOilm

? Cristina Sastre (@_cristinasastre) October 10, 2018

Cleaning work 112 in the Balearic Islands has enabled the telephone number 900 600 112 to attend to the problems It is also operative for those who want to provide information on the incidents. The Department of Territory and Infrastructure of the Consell de Mallorca, which has asked citizens to avoid traveling through the affected areas, has reported that four highways of traffic continue to be cut off. Mallorca due to floods, most of them in the municipalities of Sant Llorenç, Son Servera and Artà, where they continue with the cleaning work. In terms of the infrastructure affected, the bridge of the Ma-12 (km 0.8) of Artà to Can Picafort, which has collapsed; and the bridge of the Ma-4023 from Porto Cristo to Son Servera, from which the pavement of the asphalt has been affected. The Military Emergency Unit (UME) is currently tracking the entire route along the overflowing torrent in Sant Llorenc de Cardassar to its mouth in the sea and has decided to expand its deployment to 300 troops, from the Third and Fourth Battalions of the UME and the General Command of the Balearic Islands, according to Efe.El Ministry of Defense reported in a statement that the UME is entrusted with the mission of tracking the seven kilometers of the most affected torrent. Among the deployed means are: a Medium Water and Sludge Pumping Equipment (EMBAL), a boat, three search dogs, and two COUGAR helicopters from the Battalion of Emergency Helicopters of the Army (BHELEME). Images of the situation in Sant Llorenç, InfoEmergencias (@InfoEmerg) October 9, 2018Up to 220 liters of water per square meter fell yesterday afternoon in the area of ​​Sant Llorenç, according to the Balearic Government. State of one of the roads of the municipality after the waterspout. | EL MUNDOThe day started with the suspended classes and the Miquel Àngel Nadal and na Capellera de Manacor sports centers and the Es Pinaró sports center in Son Servera, which were able to help people affected by heavy rains in this area of ​​the northeast of the island.

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