ARCHENA / Tribute to the victims of the Armed Forces and State Security Corps, Private Security and Civil Guards

Photo report

Archena hosted throughout the day on Saturday a program of tributes to the victims of the Armed Forces and State Security, Private Security and Civil Guards, organized by the National Association of Civil Guards Marqués de las Amarillas and the City Council of Archena

At midmorning a solemn mass was offered in the parish of San Juan Bautista, attended by the main military authorities of the region and Archena, as well as the mayor Patricia Fernandez, councilors of the municipal government team, other councilors of the corporation and board of the organizing association. After the solemn mass, which presided over the Virgen del Pilar, patron of the Civil Guard, there was a parade performed by a group of legionaries, from the parish church to the Plaza de España. There took place the discovery of a commemorative plaque, a tribute to the victims of the State Security and Civil Guard and the Armed Forces. Both the mayor and the president of the organizing association offered a laurel wreath that they deposited in the same base where the commemorative plaque is located.

Later and before the convivial meal, in the spa, in the Villa de Archena Theater, the exchange of distinctions and memories of both Archena and the Association of Civil Guards took place. Finally, in this same forum, distinctions and recognitions were given to different members of civil guards and security forces of the State and of the FFAA.

In the afternoon and around the Hermitage Sanctuary of the Patron Saint of Archena, the Virgin of Health, inside the spa, a parade by the band of horns and drums of the Holy Cross of Mirrors of Archena, inaugurated the acts of the afternoon, which mainly focused on the imposition of the Cross of the Order of Santiago to the Patron Saint of Archena, which was carried out by the mayor and the president of the association and its board of directors. Right there, brotherhoods of the patron saint and the association also exchanged diplomas and distinctions between them. This act ended with the interpretation of the Spanish anthem by the band of cornets and drums mentioned above. During the meal, a tribute was offered to the one who guarded the image of the Virgin of Health during the Civil War so that it would not be destroyed, Francisco Ibáñez.

During the morning, in addition to the mayor and councilors, the counselor of the Presidency Pedro Rivera and mayors of Alcantarilla and Molina de Segura, as well as high regional and local military commanders attended.