ARCHENA / The Santa Cecilia Musical Group celebrated its onomastics with a magnificent concert


Photographic report of the Musical Association

The theater Villa de Archena with an absolute full, hosted last night the traditional concert of Santa Cecilia, with which the Musical Association celebrates its name every year.

Directed by Antonio Campuzano, the musicians interpreted the following program:

♫ Long Cordovan. Pasodoble bullfighter
Fco. José Martínez Gallego
♫ Redsaxman. Fantasy for alto sax and band.
Ferrer Ferrán
Soloist: Mónica Martínez Abenza
♫ Adagietto for Flute.
Ted Huggens
Soloist: Verónica Garrido Córcoles
♫ The Beaches of Rio.
Kees Vlak
1.- Trocadero beach. Moderato maestoso
2.- Ipanema beach. Tempo di Bossa Nova
3.- Copacabana beach. Mambo (samba)
♫ Sparkling Drums.
Ted Huggens
Soloist: Christian A. Benavides Bringtown
♫ The Rose of the Saffron. Selection.
Jacinto Guerrero
♫ Paula. Pasodoble festero.
Dedicated to Paula Trinidad Lozano. A. Bailén
♫ Anthem of Archena.
Letter and music: D. Emilio Candel
Instrumentation for the band: Ginés Abellán
Director: Antonio Campuzano Palazón
“Playing a wrong note is insignificant;
To play without passion is inexcusable ”
L. v. Beethoven

You reflect on the river that kisses you,
beautiful pearl of radiant splendor
pierced by the rays that your garden
they radiate with glare effects.
Bathe your land the sweat of work,
of the righteous who moves your soil,
which is sacrosanct and divine blessing
under the clear blue of your sky.
You are the flower of the Murcian orchard,
You are a fragrance and love garden
you are my faith, my illusion and my happiness,
you will be my grave with your flowers.
Calm the breeze in the green oranges
sing my lips Archena dear,
Shut up the breeze if you hear the echoes,
voices of the soul that are weeping and laughter.
When at the end of the road indicated
rest seek in your generous land,
I will keep in my heart always closed
your love, like the perfume of a rose.
Composed by the teacher D. Emilio Candel
and instrumented for the band by D. Ginés Abellán

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