ARCHENA / The municipal plenary approved with the votes in favor of the PP and PSOE and the abstentions of Ganar Archena and CCD the modification of these tax ordinances with a 3% decrease in the stamp of the car and 3% of urban IBI

The extraordinary plenary session held this afternoon in the City of Archena has approved with the votes in favor of the PP and PSOE and the abstentions of Ganar Archena and CCD some modifications of the Tax Ordinances and taxes for 2019. In particular, they refer to the IBI urban This year the tax rate is taken, but the cadastral value will fall by 3 percent, so the receipt will decrease by 3 percent due to the cadastral review that was requested on May 23, on the basis that they were met the requirements that were required in article 32.2 of the text of the Real Estate Cadastre Law. Therefore, this year to lower the base by 3 percent, in addition to lowering the receipt paid by citizens 3 percent, will have other types of tax benefits such as income tax or when applying for a scholarship.Another tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles, commonly known as the ‘car stamp’, will also suffer a 3 percent reduction in each of the receipts. The other tax is the Construction of Facilities and Works, which will be applied a bonus of 15 percent on the works that benefit from the State Housing Plan 2018-2019. As for the others everything will remain the same as in 2018.

On the rates, the tariff A for the installation of fairs and others is modified for better management of the same, but mainly in its management, for greater agility and efficiency in its bureaucratic process. It also happens with the rate for the administrative performance of private acts, such as ceremonies, public address system, exhumations, among others, which has also been modified for better bureaucratic management.

On the Public Prices, in this group there is no variation, they remain as they were, that is, the same prices as last year are maintained.

Finally, the rate of urban solid waste collection is modified for the headings that include economic activities of merchants and entrepreneurs, which is reduced by 10 percent.

Regarding the occupation of land for public use with tables and chairs, the bonus of fifty percent for young entrepreneurs is maintained and that of 35 percent for those entrepreneurs who pay within the first four months of the year. Likewise all bonuses and discounts are kept for large families.

A fund to join the Ordinance Fund 2019 has also been approved. As in previous years and according to the Adjustment Plan approved by the Ministry of Finance, the City Council adopts a new financing plan, which will help reduce the period means of payment to suppliers and bank debts.

Bajada histórica de impuestos para 2019 del Ayuntamiento de Archena - 1, Foto 1


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