ARCHENA / The Mayor, accompanied by several councilors, explain in FITUR the excellence of the municipality

City Council of Archena

The mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernández López, accompanied by councilors José Juan González Palazón, Mario Alcaraz Mármol, Alicia Medina Palazón and Mari Carmen Alcolea, traveled yesterday to FITUR (International Tourism Fair of Madrid), to explain both professionals and technicians of tourism and responsible of the administrations, the tourist packages and the excellence of the municipality of Archena to be able to be visited.

The first municipal authority met with responsible spas of Spain, Balneario de Archena, with members of the Regional Executive and various media to sell the main reasons why any citizen of Europe and the world should travel to Archena and enjoy of its gastronomy, its health tourism and its nature.

A whole day of yesterday to expose the world the advantages that Archena has to be visited at any time of the year, including its festivals and traditions.