ARCHENA / The burial works of Ramón y Cajal street containers are moving at a good pace

The councilar Mari Carmen Alcolea has supervised this morning the works of the street Ramón y Cajal of our town, at the entrance by the avenue of the Track, where the containers are being buried, and has been able to verify the important advances in the works, that will be finished in the next days.

The works, which keep access to road traffic blocked these days, will allow underground containers in the area, which the City wants to continue betting on this type of containers, in order to get a more modern municipality and more clean, and given the advantages of them, such as, among others, those of:

They have greater capacity, being buried can be placed containers of greater capacity.
They allow a greater aesthetics, underground containers avoid the accumulation of containers of different types, with garbage around them, etc.
They give the possibility of putting more containers in a smaller space, because the different types of containers are grouped in a reduced space.

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