ARCHENA / Students of the Miguel Medina School visit the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia

Photographic report of the Miguel Medina School
Like the third-year students on Wednesday, the children of I Cycle visited this Thursday, March 7 this important Museum that collects some works of our honored painter Inocencio Medina.

The activity, organized again by the company ARISTAS, was very entertaining and educational, performing leisure and artistic activities while the rest of the companions made the visit.
The teachers who accompanied the students in this case were their tutors: Marisol, Juana Mª, Puri and Begoña L. Martí, as well as Begoña L. Romero, Consuelo and Mª Pilar, together with the graduate student of the Teaching Degree, Alejandro.
Below we can see an extensive photo report made by the teachers.