ARCHENA/Primera reunión de la comisión para iniciar el proceso de nombramiento como Alcaldesa Perpetua a la Patrona de Archena, la Virgen de la Salud

The Mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernández, chaired this morning the first meeting with the members of the commission that will initiate the legal and bureaucratic process that will have to conclude with the official and institutional appointment of the Patron of Archena, the Virgin of Health, as ‘Perpetual Mayor’ of the Villa de Archena. The commission is formed, in addition to the first municipal authority, the Councilor for Culture, Mari Carmen Alcolea, the parish priests of Archena, Alfonso Alburquerque and Israel Pérez, the presidents of the 2 Fraternities of the Virgin of Health, a responsible for the Spa, and two municipal technicians

An unprecedented distinction in the five-hundred-year history of the municipality of Archena. “With what with this appointment we want from the local municipal institution to translate, honor and, above all, distinguish, in the most grandiose and transcendent way that the municipal regulations allow us, all the devotion, popular clamor and affection that we have from Many decades ago, the archenera population of our Patron. ”

The Mayor of Archena decreed to initiate the process of the file for this official appointment, as contemplated in the Regulation of Honors and Distinctions of the City of Archena, for once controlled and coordinated by a Secretary and Instructor appointed to raise the proposal to the full municipal that with an absolute majority must approve this distinction.

The Virgin of Health, which is venerated during the year in her hermitage of the Balneario de Archena, was popularly acclaimed Patrona de Archena, in a mass that was held in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento on the first Sunday after the definitive end of the Spanish Civil War , in 1939. The Patroness spent the years of the struggle hidden in the lower part of the crypt of her hermitage so as not to be destroyed. Later, on October 11, 1954, the Bishop of the Diocese, at that time, Ramón Sanahuja, crowned her Patron Saint in another popular and campaign mass that was officiated in the Avenue del Carril.

The festivities, which are also celebrated in his honor, take place on the dates of the commemoration of the Corpus and in September, during the Octave, on the occasion of its annual feast.

First meeting of the commission to begin the process of appointment as Mayor Perpetua to the Patron Saint of Archena, the Virgin of Health

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