Archena organizes a year of activities for the centenary of the death of Medina Vera

‘Crítica situación’, portada de ‘Madrid Cómico’ (1901). / MUSEO LÁZARO GALDIANO

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Exhibitions of costumbrista painting, recitals of poetry and music and the publication of a book and a documentary by Primitivo Pérez are the novelties
MANUEL MADRIDJueves, November 8, 2018, 02:53

The municipality of Archena has begun to celebrate the events organized to commemorate the first centenary of the death of one of its most illustrious neighbors, the painter and illustrator Inocencio Medina Vera (1876-1918), archenero universal. The City Council has designed a full year of activities and celebrations in honor of Medina Vera, which includes numerous exhibitions, including ‘Reflejos’, by Fulgencio Saura Mira – until December 30 at the Archena Museum -, the discovery of a commemorative plaque in the place where the artist was born – next Friday 11, at 11 am, with performances by the Santa Cecilia Musical Group – and the presentation of a book and the documentary filmed by Primitivo Pérez, which was announced for this Saturday, but the Consistory has indicated that ‘sine die’ is postponed until further notice.

On the initiative of the Department of Culture are going to make a series of artistic outdoor interventions, with the realization of murals by the painter Carlos Callizo, professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts and urban artist; of students from the Faculty of Fine Arts and CEIP Río Segura, Alcolea Lacal, Miguel Medina and the municipal school for children Colorines. The next December 14 (20 h, Ramon Centenero Cultural Center) will take place the presentation of the book ‘I met him by chance’, written by Francisco José Torrano Rojo. And in the race San Silvestre, the last day of the year, runners disguised with motives allusive to the work of the archenero painter will be rewarded.

‘Miradas de Inocencio Medina Vera’. Murals commemorating the centenary of Inocencio Medina Vera ‘in different places in Archena, including the Day Center Llano del Barco.
‘Reflejos’ by Fulgencio Saura Mira -in the Archena Museum-; ‘Remembering Inocencio Medina Vera’, from the association ARZHEINA; ‘Photographing painters’, from the IRIS group of the OJE de Archena; ‘The new light is Rosa’, by Rocío Caballero, etc.
Book and documentary
‘The color of existence’, by Primitivo Pérez, which will be shown in an act yet to be determined at the Teatro de Archena and will be presented to schoolchildren.
Trips to the Mubam, oil tasting, night march, San Silvestre thematic race, poetic and musical recital, book presentations, drawing competitions and workshops, and conferences by Martín Páez and Isidoro Valcárcel Medina.
The official chronicler of Archena, Manuel Enrique Medina Tornero, will give the conference ‘Professional relationship between Vicente Medina and Inocencio Medina’ on January 18, and from Monday, January 21 to Friday, January 25, the 55-minute documentary will be screened to schoolchildren in the municipality. the also archenero Primitivo Pérez, who yesterday, in statements to ‘La Verdad’, recalled that Inocencio Medina Vera was «a wonderful illustrator, who worked for 14 years on ‘ABC’. I have discovered many curiosities as a result of the research on his work, which is truly impressive, and what we want with this documentary is to help him put it into value “.

Between two centuries
The mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernández, assures that Inocencio Medina Vera was “an outstanding personality of the Spanish public life of his time”, between the 19th and 20th centuries, collaborating with national and regional media «and decorating historic buildings and of an importance and of a recognized current value, as it is the case of the Romea Theater of Murcia and the City Council of Cartagena ». On February 15, the former director of the Palacio Almudí Martín Paez Art Center gave a lecture on his figure. The Museum of Archena will give the name of Inocencio Medina Vera to one of its exhibition halls. On March 21 there will be a recital of poetry, and on the 31st it will be the festival of bands Medina Vera Memorial; for the 5th of April a night march has been organized. Throughout these months there will be exhibitions of costumbrista painting, a special edition of the international night of the museums, drawing workshops, cultural trips to the Mubam de Murcia, and a gala closing the cultural year (October 19, 2019) .

The chronicler Medina Tornero tells that he had a traveling life, directing in Buenos Aires the artistic part of the magazine ‘La semana universal’, and that he had close ties with his cousin Vicente Medina. His grandson Isidoro Valcárcel Medina (Murcia, 1937), conceptual artist and Velázquez Visual Arts Prize in 2015, will participate in the various events called for the centenary.

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