ARCHENA / The parties of La Algaida already have queens

With the proclamation of Paco Valera and the coronation of the queens began the festivities of La Algaida 2018

Ana, Lourdes, Cynthia, Nuria and Celia are from last night Queens of the Patron Saint Festivities of La Algaida 2018, once they were crowned in the opening ceremony of these celebrations, in the courtyards of the Civic Center of the archenera district. Before, the crier of this year, Francisco López Medina, known as Paco Valera, teacher and born in La Algaida, announced with his speech the arrival of these employers of 2018.
The act began with the interpretations of the Lorquí ‘Sannay’ ballet. Later the Mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernández López and the Pedáneo Mayor Andrés Luna intervened.
The new queens received their appointment band from the previous Queen 2017, Isabel López.
For his part, the preacher took a tour of his childhood and youth in La Algaida and remembered with emotion to each and every one of his great friends with whom he lived during that stage of his life.
The queens ended their intervention with a dance with their companions, most of them relatives, in the center of the track.
The same preacher was the one who gave the starting gun igniting an initial rocket, which was given by inaugurated the patron saint of the Virgen del Rosario 2018