ARCHENA / The Patron is back in her Hermitage of the Spa

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Photographic report of the Brotherhood of Anderos


Cover by the flanks of his Brotherhood and accompanied by priests, authorities and many neighbors, the Virgin of Health has returned in pilgrimage this morning to her Ermita del Balneario, where she will remain until the festivities of Corpus Christi on June 20, next year 2019.

The stay of the Virgin in the town, on the occasion of the festivities in his honor has been eight days, during which an octave was celebrated, visiting yesterday the neighborhood of Los Valientes, where a Mass was celebrated in the Parque del Folkloric group that bears his name.

The departure of the patron, after celebrating a mass in the parish of San Juan Bautista, officiated by D. Israel, pastor of the church of Corpus Christi-La Purisima, first thing in the morning and farewell at the Plaza 1 de Mayo , with a monumental firecracker, national anthem, “la parranda” and pasodobles, has started many cheers of emotion among the presents of ¡Guapa, guapa y guapa !.

Finally after the arrival at the Spa, the runners have celebrated a convivial lunch, as the end of the events of the Septembrian festivities, which began with the proclamation of Amelia Pérez Mézel last September 7. The last act was attended by the members of the Hermanad of the Virgen de la Salud de Alcantarilla, with whom the archeneros are brothers and sisters and during its celebration an emotional tribute has been rendered posthumously to Miguel Rodríguez, recently deceased, with delivery of some pictures of the Virgin to her mother and to her widow wife.

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