ARCHENA / Francisco Luna Galván, from Ronda (Málaga), yesterday won the first prize of the XII Inocencio Medina Vera Painting Contest

Francisco Luna Galván, from Ronda (Málaga), won yesterday the first prize of the XII Inocencio Medina Vera Painting Contest, which in this edition is part of the celebration of the centenary of this illustrious archenero painter who gives the name of the contest. The winner took 1,500 euros that were donated by the City of Archena. The second, with 1,000 euros, was for Miguel Mellado Sánchez, from Murcia, and the third, with 700, for Blás Tomás, from Onteniente (Valencia).
Some thirty artists participated that were distributed throughout the municipality throughout the day of Sunday to capture on their canvases the most emblematic corners, according to their artistic criteria.
The awards were given by the Mayor of Archena, Patricia Fernández López, and the Councilor for Culture, Mari Carmen Alcolea, and the sponsors of these awards, which were the companies: JML, Ecosana, Balneario de Archena, Acciona Agua, and Aidas Publicidad, the local prize, which was sponsored by Hermanos Brando, was deserted.


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