ARCHENA / Ends the project of entrepreneurship for women ‘EmFemenino Archena’

The Mayor of Archena Patricia Fernández López and the Councilor for Industry and Commerce Jose Juan Gonzalez Palazon, have attended one of the last workshops of the joint sessions, the area of ​​creativity, innovation and technology transfer.

Patricia Fernandez said she was very satisfied with the final result of the course and encouraged both entrepreneurs and businesswomen to put into practice all the knowledge acquired in the course and become, if they are not already, entrepreneurs.

Also, the Mayor thanked the rest of the organizers of the course, having chosen our town as a place to teach it.

The course ‘Women Entrepreneurship in emerging economic sectors and new market opportunities’ is organized by the International Women, Business and Sports Chair of the UCAM Catholic University of Murcia, together with the Incyde Foundation, the UCAM ITM Technological Institute of Murcia and our City Council .

For six weeks, 32 students have received, in the modern facilities of the Municipal Business Center of Archena, the methodology and tools necessary to start up their business project or give a boost to the one they had previously created, since 18 of them They are already entrepreneurs. The rest are unemployed women who have seen in this project an opportunity to turn their entrepreneurial dream into reality.

The director of the course, Selene Trotta Plá said that Archena’s students “have been a very special group with a lot of desire to work and with viable ideas and a future, and where they have been able to develop an Individual Strategic Plan for each student, now they are in a position to manage and develop it, and in the case of women entrepreneurs who have attended, many of them have seen new possibilities for their businesses, we have reoriented them “.

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